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Best ADHD Solutions? - Taking A Less Blinkered Approach Is Often The Best Way

by Robert William Locke

posted in Reference and Education : ADHD

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Many parents worry about what are the best ADHD solutions and usually end up thinking about psychostimulants and behavior therapy. It seems to end there and that, in my view is a narrow approach because there are many facets to this mental condition and I want to look at some of them here.

Did you know that white noise, such as the noise of an electric fan or quiet rushing sounds such as waves on a beach, can actually help ADHD kids to concentrate and also to sleep better? This research, which needs to be developed much further, is just another aspect to consider when worrying about what may be the best ADHD solutions.

Research carried out by Stockholm University seems to indicate that white noise actually helped brain activity and ADHD kids who had this noise in the background certainly performed better on various academic tests. The tests consisted of remembering and reading out a list of items. As the experiment was rather limited in that only 50 children took part, obviously more work and research needs to be done.

Other research seems to back up the idea though that some background noise or secondary activity such as fidgeting actually helps to stimulate the dopamine neurotransmitter in ADHD children's brains. There have been lots of experiments in this and in some schools, stability balls are recommended so that the kids can still have a little movement and this seems to help their concentration levels.

If you want to try this, you can have give your kid a stability ball to use while doing homework. You could also have some white noise in the background such as a fan on, when he or she is doing homework. You can soon see whether this actually improves their attention span and concentration level. It might even shorten homework time. It may not be one of the best ADHD solutions out there but it could make life easier.

Taking a less blinkered approach could also look more carefully at sports, exercise, diet and organizing an ADHD friendly home which I shall deal with in another article.

As regards medication, parents are always looking at alternatives and there is certainly no harm in trying them. There are concerns that Ritalin and other psychostimulants are habit forming, just like cocaine, which uses the same basic amphetamine. However the answer is more complicated because medications certainly metabolize more slowly and therefore the risk of forming a habit, are pretty low.

But there is another concern about these medications and that is that if the kids or teens start to overdose and other kids start to use Ritalin even though they do not have ADHD! We know that the number of teenagers who actually overdosed has risen by over 70% in just seven years.

So, there we have it. Are there alternatives to these psychostimylants such as Vyvanse, Adderall? Are they still considered the best ADHD solutions?

Happily the answerer is that homeopathic ADHD remedies are free of any side effects at all and there are no health risks either. Why not check these out if you want to take a less blinkered approach to ADHD?

About the Author:

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children's Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what are the best ADHD solutions available. Find out about ADHD natural cures

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