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Natural Cures For ADHD - Giving Your Child A Better Chance Without Doubtful Drugs

by Robert William Locke

posted in Reference and Education : ADHD

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Are you one of the parents who really wish that there was a better way of treating ADHD? Are you really convinced that natural cures for ADHD really could work for your child? If you are bothered by these concerns, read on.

The debate about ADHD meds has raged now for many years. We have the two extreme views. On the one hand, we have people like Professor John Breeding who argues that the diagnosis is so inexact and subjective that the condition has been invented by the mental health professionals with a little help from their friends in the pharmaceutical industry. On the other hand, we have doctors, teachers and many parents who argue that the benefits of ADHD meds outweigh any possible side effects and that natural cures for ADHD are not scientifically proven.

Let us leave the controversy aside and look at the natural cures for ADHD and see how they can actually help with ADHD.

Looking at green time and seeing whether it could actually help ADHD children to focus was the subject of a study done at the University of Illinois. It was carried out by Francis Kuo and Andrea Faber. The study involved about 400 children. Those who had a period of twenty minutes in the open air and surrounded by nature, were found to have better concentration levels later and were less hyperactive. The control group were simply put on medications but they did not do nearly as well as their counterparts who had the green time.

Implementing this sort of activity for any children whether they have ADHD or not is essential for good health so it makes perfect sense. It is easy to implement and it does not cost anything. Try comparing that to the costs of the psychostimulants such as Adderall and Concerta at the moment.

Another natural treatment is looking after diet. Making sure that kids' breakfast is not overloaded with sugar can really help in avoiding a sugar crash later in the morning. That will result in a mood swing and that can make life difficult. The ideal breakfast is carbohydrates with some protein which could be either cheese or eggs. Adding in Omega 3 supplements which contain the essential fatty acids,can really help too.

One of the best natural ADHD cures that I know about is that which uses homeopathy. I used a company which manufactures all its preparations in a FDA approved facility. They also have a twelve month guarantee and will provide all the necessary information you require.

Now that you know that there are natural cures for ADHD which can really have a beneficial impact and cost next to nothing, why not give your child a better chance in life?.

About the Author:

Yes,you CAN raise happier, calmer and better behaved children. Discover how natural cures for ADHD can turn your child around. Experts now tell us that child behavior modification combined with a natural treatment for ADHD is by far the most effective ADHD treatment. Visit to find out more about ADHD child behavior problems.

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