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ADHD Diet - Getting This Right Can Really Help Your Child And The Whole Family

by Robert William Locke

posted in Reference and Education : ADHD

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Just imagine if there really was an ADHD diet! That would be so successful and we could forget about medication and all the problems that brings with it. Dream on!

But the good news is that a proper balanced diet does actually help with the ADHD symptoms, reduces tension, creates better moods all round and has been shown to help with behavior problems.

Basically it boils down to the battle of the giants. On the one hand you have the bad guys represented by all the processed foods, sugary snacks, simple carbohydrates such as white bread, rice and pasta. Now put that up against the good guys who are pushing vegetables, healthy fats such as omega 3, fruit, proteins found in lean meat and nuts plus a few complex carbohydrates.

It is certainly true that there is no one ADHD diet which is universally suitable for all the children on the planet. But there are certain foods which have been shown to make children more hyperactive, restless and inattentive. We know that artificial colourings and some additives can have a negative effect on some children. We also know that too many sugary snacks can have an effect on a child's mood. We have to experiment a bit and some parents advocate the Feingold Diet which is quite complicated to adopt. There are those who have found that excluding gluten foods and dairy can have a positive effect on the child's behavior.

I always like to quote the Appleton school experiment in Wisconsin. First the school got rid of the vending machine and the bag lunches which were mainly junk food. They put water coolers around the school and replaced a lot of the snacks with healthier options, rather like the ones I have mentioned above.

Everybody noted the dramatic improvement in children's behavior. Classes were no longer disrupted, children paid more attention, weapons disappeared and the police were no longer called in to calm the tension and deal with troublemakers. Just to bring the point home, the school allowed junk food on one day in the week and everybody again noticed that this had a deleterious effect on their behavior and there were more mood swings. Now these kids did not have ADHD but the effect of food on children's behavior was there for all to see. If a child has ADHD, that is all the more reason to give him the best possible chance of paying attention and being less hyperactive.

So an ADHD diet may not cure or even treat ADHD but a reasonably balanced diet will help to stabilize child behavior. That will give you the edge when you have to deal with behavior problems. It will also help when you want to use homeopathic remedies as the child will be calmer and less hyperactive. As you can see, any healthy diet can work wonders in any family. You can find out more about treating ADHD on my website below.

About the Author:

Yes, you CAN raise happier, calmer and better behaved children. Discover how an ADHD diet can turn your child around. Experts now tell us that child behavior modification combined with a natural treatment for ADHD is by far the most effective ADHD treatment. Visit to find out more about ADHD child behavior problems.

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