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ADHD Treatments - Latest News On Other Therapies Which Could Change Your Family Life For The Better

by Robert William Locke

posted in Reference and Education : ADHD

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There are many ADHD treatments out there, maybe too many! How on earth can we decide what might be right for our children? I think a bit of wise experimentation is the answer and we should not get carried away too much by fads, fashion and hype.

Talking of hype, there has been a lot of that recently about ADHD and green tea. Let us sort out a few facts and then you can decide whether you could add that to the diet regime you have decided for your child. I can certainly tell you that it will be much healthier than a bottle of fizzy pop.

Green tea is an antioxidant and research does show that it can slow down the onset of Parkinson's disease, for example. It contains both L- theanine and caffeine which have been shown to keep neurotransmitters in good condition. We all know the benefits of being more alert, motivated and energetic after a good cup of coffee.

L.-theanine has rather special properties which are really useful in helping people with ADHD. It can help brain functioning so that the child will have a better attention span, can focus more and even improve memory. As regards the caffeine in green tea, this is much better than the caffeine we get in coffee because it does not make you feel jittery or too agitated. Now get out the green tea bags and make a nice brew for yourself, sweetened with honey. You can avoid the tins of green tea like the plague as they are bound to be full of additives and too much sugar. What about other ADHD treatments?

This brings me to the work of the Center For Children and Familes and Children at the University of Buffalo. These people are on the right track because they advocate and have extensively researched the effects of behavior therapy on children with ADHD. They also recommend a minimum dose of psychostimulants, because of the nasty side effects and also because the benefits tend to fade after about three years.

Fortunately, behavior therapy or simple parenting skills to equip parents with strategies to use with ADHD is gaining ground. The idea of medication alone as the best of ADHD treatments is declining in popularity but we have a long way to go. In fact you can find on the University of Buffalo's website, a very interesting article on Robert Whitaker's 'Anatomy of An Epidemic - the Hidden Damage of Psychiatric Drugs'.

Walker questions the whole medication approach to mental illness, including ADHD. He claims that ADHD children who are actually on psychostimulants are much more likely to suffer from bipolar disorder and mania than those who take no medicine at all! As you see, the debate rages on about ADHD treatments.

Let me mention very briefly homeopathic remedies for ADHD because they are effective, safe and economical. That puts them streets ahead of all the ADHD treatments in my opinion. If you think that this is a fairy tale, click through to my site where I have explained it all. You will be surprised to read about all the happy families who have tried this!

About the Author:

Yes,you CAN raise happier, calmer and better behaved children. Discover which are the best ADHD treatments which can turn your child around. Experts now tell us that child behavior modification combined with a natural treatment for ADHD is by far the most effective ADHD treatment. Visit to find out more about ADHD child behavior problems. connects you to the biggest brands in car hire.
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