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Treating ADHD In A Young Child - Looking At Better And Safer Solutions

by Robert William Locke

posted in Reference and Education : ADHD

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Normally psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall should never be prescribed for very young children of three to five years. The lower age limit recommended by the FDA is six years. This has led to a lot of debate about treating ADHD in a young child.

In fact the whole area of prescribing such drugs for very young children and preschoolers is a minefield and very controversial indeed. None of these drugs have apparently been tested on young children at all. The effects of these drugs on the young developing brain of a small child is a complete unknown and if it is known, it has been kept secret.

But some interesting research by the National Institute of Mental Health (NUMH) seems to offer some hope in opting for behavior therapy or simply effective parenting skills. Over 300 kids who were aged from three to five were put on a parent led child behavior modification course.

They followed some simple parenting skills and used time outs, rewarding consistent behavior and ignoring the bad behavior when possible. They initiated consequences for extreme cases of disruptive and inappropriate behavior. They also ensured that there was a consistent and ordered structure in the home environment so that routines and structures were very solid foundations for daily activities.

The results were very interesting in that over a third of the children did not need to have medication after following this ten week course. Many of the problems associated with impulsivity and hyperactivity were much less evident.

The results of this experiment have put the emphasis firmly back on the importance of an ADHD friendly home, established routines and structures and set limits for behavior.

This result supports all the research carried out by Dr. William Pelham of the University of Buffalo who has argued very strongly in putting child behavior modification first and the medication options last when treating ADHD in a young child

There is also increasing evidence that natural alternatives can form a firm basis of a multi-pronged approach. This should include diet, exercise, green time, and of course support in the academic environment.

Now that you know that treating ADHD in young child is just not sufficient or even safe using ADHD meds exclusively, why not decide on an action plan right now?

There are simple changes which can be implemented immediately in diet, there are child behavior programs which really work and above all there are homeopathic remedies for ADHD which can help to keep a young child calm and relaxed.

Why not visit my website to check this out and ensure a much safer and brighter future for your child.

About the Author:

Yes, you CAN raise happier,calmer and better behaved children. Discover treating ADHD in a young child should never rely on solely on psychostimulants. Experts now tell us that child behavior modification combined with a natural treatment for ADHD is by far the most effective ADHD treatment. Visit to find out more about ADHD child behavior problems.

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