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The Most Common Kidney Reflux Surgery

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Acid Reflux

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Kidney reflux is a condition that has great potential to cause a lot of harm if left untreated. For this reason, there are so many treatment options available and doctors will recommend suitable procedures and medications. Among many others kidney reflux surgery can be an option that will help correct the problem. Kidney reflux surgery is done to achieve one goal; to revive and optimize vital valves and the ureter which is a tube that leads to the kidney. Kidney reflux is the condition that occurs when these valves malfunction. They are not able to keep away the urine in the bladder from the kidneys and as a result, the urine will flows back to the kidney causing untold harm.

How The Surgery Works

The most common kidney reflux surgery is called the Ureteral Reimplant Surgery. This procedure is meant to position ureters that are abnormally placed so that they can facilitate the process of excretion with regard to urine. It is vital to mention that there are different kinds of surgeries and a patient will have a kidney reflux surgery that is tailored to their immediate needs; to correct their problem. The surgery named above will not require implantation of a foreign material. The ureter already present in the body will just be reshaped and directed in a proper way to make sure they are operating at peak.

Kidney reflux children surgeries are not very common. This is because most cases of childhood reflux will go away with time. Instead of kidney reflux surgery they will be given antibiotics which will manage the infections present. However, for those who need kidney reflux surgery mentioned above, the following will be done. The incision will be made in the lower abdomen. A catheter has to be inserted for the procedure. After this procedure, the plastic dressing that covers the incision will be removed. The catheter is highly important during the procedure because it ensures that urine drains well. The site will need a small bandage and the healing should be quick. Leaking of fluids a few days after surgery is normal.

The kidney reflux surgery will take 2 to 3 hours and is done under local anaesthesia. The surgery may cause bladder spasms while on the road to recovery. It may also cause bloody urine and these symptoms are not uncommon. Placing a damp cloth that is warm on the area will provide relief. A doctor can also recommend medication for discomfort and pain. The most common medication is Ditropan. However, this medication may have side effects like a dry mouth and decreased appetite. All in all, this kind of kidney reflux surgery yields great success.

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