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New Ideas For Promoting Your Candle Sales

by Tara Smith

posted in Arts and Entertainment

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Finding new ways to promote her candle business is part of the work a candle seller does. It is like any business it has to be promoted to attract new customers. There are many ways to advertise like banners, pay per click, paid and free ads, social marketing, talking in forums, writing articles, traffic exchanges, using her signature in emails, writing a newsletter, blogging, blog exchanges, getting her ads on other websites and so forth.

Sometimes a new promotional technique comes along and storms the advertising world on the net and elsewhere. A candle retailer needs new ways to get her business into the public eye and here are a couple of unusual ideas.

Candlelight Parties

You can design some advertising material that encourages your customers to use tealight or votive candles for the lightening for their parties or to have a yard party and use Mexican luminary candles to light up the outdoors. Candles are very festive and great to help add atmosphere to a party.

Another kind of candlelight party is one that revolves around selling candles. There are candle businesses that are doing this and it is a good way to grow a candle business. Just start out doing it yourself or hire one salesperson for the job. It can be designed similar to other home party enterprises.

Another approach is to promote smaller candles as party favors in your advertising. Party favors are given at baby showers, weddings, birthdays, baptisms, and children's parties. But promoting them for other kinds of parties could improve sales. The concept is to be imaginative in creating the advertising material and get your customers thinking about new ways to use candles.

Candlelight Photography

Candlelight photography is a skill unto itself. It is popular enough to bring up 417,000 results when searched at Google. This should make a light bulb come on in our candle seller's mind or maybe make a candle light up. Getting some of this esoteric market could mean a good jump in candle sales. There are many photography shops in any city and making an appealing deal with them could be the key to grabbing a new market. Or maybe the shop owner will let you leave some cards or some flyers that discuss using your candles for candlelight photography.

Candlelight scenes of romantic dinners, wedding couples, groups of candles, sacred candle scenes, candles with wine glasses, candle and a spa scene or with a person being massaged, candles in a window at night etcetera are subjects for candlelight stock photography.

Another way to get some of this business is to write some articles about candlelight stock photography and put your web address at the end of your article. If you are a photographer and sell candles you can go to photographer's forums and participate in discussions and mention your candles or show off some of your candlelight photography. Alternately, you might buy a candlelight stock photo and use it in your promotions of your candles. These photos sell for fifty cents to a dollar because they are sold over and over again.

About the Author:
Tara Smith has been a business writer for the past 15 years contributing to many business periodicals. Read some of her articles about Wholesale Candles From India and Mexico and other Soy Candle items.Enjoy some of her articles about New Ideas for Promoting Your Candle Sales here.
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