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dr. Atkins

by Nick Doyle

posted in Health and Fitness : Atkins Diet

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There seems to be a lot of debate about the late Dr. Atkins. His new diet revolution, as he called it, is something that many have used successfully, but there is a raging debate about the long term effects this style of eating might have on the body. If you ask any of the people who have been on his program for any length of time, they will tell you that they will not eat any other way, and that they are healthier than they have ever been. They also have the blood work to back up that claim. However, that is not enough for some.

The main complaint that many who criticize Dr. Atkins is that the diet is too high in fat to be healthy. On this eating plan, the first two weeks are supposed to be high in fat and very low in carb. That alone would be a problem, but that phase of the diet is something that is only supposed to last for two weeks, or a few more for some people. After that, fats are slowly weaned down and more carbs in the form of vegetables, berries, whole grains, and diary are added. The resulting eating plan for maintaining weight loss is actually not much more fatty than the average ‘low fat’ dieter might try to eat.

That does not stop those who want to say that Dr. Atkins was crazy however, and the debate may never end. Many on the diet report that their health has improved and their doctors are amazed at the amounts of good cholesterol versus bad cholesterol they have in their systems, and how healthy they get over a period of time. Dr. Atkins has repeatedly defended his position, and there are thousands out there that stand up for him whenever they can.

The best way to decide if you think the diet that Dr. Atkins published is good for you or not is to read though his book. Better yet, read though it a few times. Only then can you really understand what the way of eating is all about. There are many out there who don’t get the book and they do their own version of Atkins and wonder why they are failing. It is not a high protein diet as some suggest. It is a balance of protein and fat, along with a select number of healthy carbs. Dr. Atkins encourages, or rather demands, vegetables be an important part of the plan, along with exercise, and a lot of water. Find out what is going on before making a judgment. You can’t decide until you know all the facts.

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