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Attract Women

by Salim Galou

posted in Self Improvement : Attraction

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I have always wanted to attract women as much as any other man, but I never really thought of it as a skill until recently. I got my share of dating tips from my older brother, and spent countless hours trying to pick up women in bars, but I never thought that my approach could be a problem. I certainly didn't think about animal magnetism, pheromone,s, or any of the rest of it. I figured that my low dating success was just because I needed a special kind of woman, a certain perfect match who saw the world as I did.

When I got to college, however, I had a house mate who had a much different approach. He thought of attracting women as a science, and he was a dilligent student. It seemed like every day or two, he was going around with a different girl. I wanted to know his secret and, one day, finally got up the courage to ask him what his trick was.

He just smiled at me and handed me a copy of a book on how to attract women. I was a bit skeptical of course, but I took a look at it anyway to see if there was anything to it. Once I opened the cover, I could not let go of the book. It told me pretty much anything that I wanted to know about how to attract women and keep them interested in you. It broke down meeting and dating into a number of different steps, and told me the skills that each step demanded. Step by step, it walked me through how to attract a woman, heighten interest, take the relationship in whatever direction I wanted, and even break it off if I wanted to pursue other interests. Needless to say, I was obsessed.

Pretty much the very next day, I went out to try to attract women at the local bar. Rather than playing it cool like usual and waiting for something to start, I took a much more active approach to attracting women. I followed the suggestions in the book to start conversations, build up a sense of mystery, and try to make my self irresistible. I figured that, since I had read the whole book on attracting women, I might as well at least try it.

The book had told me that it would be easy to attract a woman, but it still was a bit tough at first. It took me a while to get used to using a whole new strategy. Still, once I did get used to it, my luck changed. Nowadays, I can attract women pretty much anywhere I go. It really is amazing what a little strategy can do for an endeavor.

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