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This Holiday Season Take Time to Remember Someone


posted in Self Improvement : Attraction

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All over the world babies are born and many to happy homes. However there are many born in extreme poverty and one may not have to look very far for not all poverty is overseas. To feed these babies mothers wonder, and become forlorn for in their hunger they are weak and being alone cannot seek help. The lucky ones have someone checking on them ready to run errands as needed but alas this is not always so and some die with their babies by their sides.

Organisations around the world have been working diligently to reduce these alarming tragedies and the numbers have been reduced that were dying everyday. This will tell you that with concerted effort there is a way. There is also poverty of spirit and all this needs is a smile of reassurance or some form of encouragement so that the person will know they matter.

God so loved the world that he gave HIS only son but this battle is powerful the road is long and dangerous and we have not yet won. Jesus fed the many with fish and loaves as they came to see HIM in their droves. We are not Jesus with Divine abilities for immediate works but our voices may be heard with the same result of food and emergency supplies being provided by generous offerings of many throughout the world.

An awareness is fully alive of concern for those in plight, and God bless the super wealthy for they give so generously but we can all do our share and together we will meet the demands of our world. The charity in our hearts is testament that God is with us to fulfill this chore and who knows but as resources and understanding compete successfully maybe someday soon there will be no more hunger any more.

Eleanor Roosevelt said: "The first freedom of man, I contend, is the freedom to eat." But throughout the world there are yet so many who will never know what it tastes like to eat meat. There is abundance in this world but unfortunately because of greed the basic of all foods some will never know like rice, potatoes and vegetables. Yet so much waste occurs everyday one has to wonder and one has to ask why or what can be done to reverse this phenomenon?

Hunger is very real and often it is closer than we are all aware of. If you have pennies lying around, donate them to a cause and maybe bring a smile too. The holidays are around the corner and it is a time for re-birth and celebration of life and it is magical that so many will find it within their hearts to give generously at this time of year to charities of various causes.

A good thing to do actually is to put aside a jar with a notch cut in the lid and every evening as you empty your pockets place the coins through the slot and when it is full quietly give it to someone you know may need a few extra shillings.

There are a zillion reports every year of families waking up and as they leave their house find needed supplies having mysteriously appeared during the night or early morning. Tears flowing down their cheeks as they wonder who the blessed angel was and thanking them from the bottom of their hearts for the wondrous gifts. Many times they will never know who left the supplies for them?

Basically we are a caring world and it is stories like this that reassure us that people do matter and someone somewhere goes out of their way to pay it forward for who knows whatever reason. Thank God they do!


About the Author:

Tomas Coimin is a master of motivational techniques with a strong desire to help others seek greater peace through positive self-esteem. Based in Co. Tipperary Ireland. my aim here is to deliver subject matter that pertains to you the reader and with this in mind it is appreciated to receive feedback seeking articles on subjects that may be of concern to you and I shall do my utmost to deliver appropriate content that satisfies. I am the author of Revolution Within Eden which shall be available soon for release.
Tomas may be reached at

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