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Can You Use The Law of Attraction To Help You Win The Lottery?

by Simon Good

posted in Self Improvement : Attraction

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A lot of people ask this question. Can you use the Law of Attraction to win the lottery? This would be great, wouldn't it? One day, you read about the Law of Attraction, and decide to use it. You ask the universe to bring you that big jackpot. You buy a ticket, and what do you think? Your ticket wins the big prize!

Some people have actually tried this, and they were so disappointed when they didn't win, that they gave up the Law of Attraction as a bad job. They say, this thing doesn't work. It didn't win the lottery for me.

The place where they went wrong was to see the Law of Attraction as something entirely different from what it actually is. Whether you use the Law of Attraction or you do not use it, the odds against you winning are still the same. Something in the region of fourteen million to one. Still pretty slim odds, do you not think?

So then the Law of Attraction is a waste of time? No!

It is only a waste of your time if you try to "program" it to produce such an unlikely result. All the time you are trying to make your thoughts run along the track of believing that the lottery win will come to you, there is another thought in your subconscious mind telling you that it is a very unlikely event. Whatever you try to tell yourself consciously will be contradicted by that more powerful subconscious thought, and it is this that will become your dominant vibration.

You will find you have better results if you focus in a general way on having more than enough money to be able to pursue your dreams and your aims and your well-defined goals. This will work particularly effectively if one or more, or better still most, of your goals are concerned with helping other people to achieve a better quality of life.

Most teachers of the Law of Attraction even advise you to give money away as a starting point for preparing yourself to use the Law of Attraction effectively. When you give money away, without the expectation of return, you are sending a powerful message that you already have more than enough, and can afford to give it away. That will set up a dominant vibration of abundance within you, that will evoke a response from the universe. Notice that you are not trying to convince the universe of this, because it does not need to be convinced. Rather, you are doing this for yourself, to set up that vibration in yourself. If you hang on to what you have with all your might, you are sending the message that you do not really have enough, and your dominant attraction will be one of lack.

Now of course, I am not saying you should give away all your money. That would be counter-productive, because it would again give you a situation of lack, which would attract more of the same. But just give what you can, freely, joyfully, without expectation.

If you really feel you cannot give away money, then give freely of your time and skills, whatever they are. This approach can be equally as good, because the point is that it is not what you give away, but the spirit in which you give it that really matters. So if you give of your time, give it as though you had all the time in the world.

The chances are that very quickly, you will find that the universe will respond by bringing more abundance into your life. Maybe it will take the form of a lottery win! Or it could be in any one of a million other different ways. Make sure that when it begins to happen, you fill yourself with thoughts of gratitude at the abundant blessings which you are receiving. Allow the universe to bring you abundance in whatever way it chooses, without restriction. The result may surprise you.


About the Author:

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