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Basic Research Before Purchasing Your Next Vehicle

by Carey A Gibbs

posted in Automotive

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Everyone knows that they need to do research before purchasing their next vehicle. This is becoming a staple according to numerous reports. According to some of these studies shoppers are spending well above 10 hours of online research just to narrow their research down to the "finals".
I have assisted many shoppers through this process and have heard the same phrase stated over and over. "Well where do I start"?
I personally recommend starting with three trust worthy sites.
The first place that I would recommend is the actual manufacturer's website. Yes, I know, I know; they are biased. That is the point though. These websites are going to showcase and put their best foot forward. They spend a LOT of money to have these sites filled with content that showcases their product. They also do something else and that is have a team of legal persons evaluate these sales pages to insure that they are not illegal or misleading.
The fact that they are biased in their promotion is a good place to start. Let me tell you if there is a product that doesn't look or sound all that impressive on the actual manufacturers site; well that may be a product to avoid. For instance look at the manufacturers and see if their advertising includes a "Us vs. Them" section for comparisons. It should include things like the new "Blank" has more horsepower and greater efficiency than... Competitor A, B and, C. These are the things that you should be looking for. It's OK, let them toot their own horns. This is the time and place for it... not at the dealership by some pushy salesperson.
The next location to research your new car will be the independent sites. There are a ton of places online which claim to help you purchase your new vehicle. All of these sites claim to be neutral or unbiased. Many claim to help those of you shopping for your new car. However there are those that are a little more biased than others. for this very short article I am only going to focus on two in particular. They seem to put makers and models on a bit more of a level playing field.
The first is I use this site quite often. In addition to that I would have no hesitation in recommending this site to anyone. You will find a "research" tab under the BUY tab located on the top of the page. In addition there are plenty of additional tools to help you purchase your next car.
The next one will be I personally like this site and actually use it quite frequently. There are tools available and it seems a bit more user-friendly, that's a personal opinion, of course. On this site across the top you will find a "Research" tab. Just simply click on that and enter the vehicle info.
Those are the three sites that I have, and will continue to recommend to anyone beginning the auto research phase of the buying process.
Finally don't forget to check local advertisements as well as the auto maker for special offers and incentives. These magic words, "Offers and Incentives" will save you thousands, I promise.
There is a ton of knowledge to be found on all of these sites. Whether you are planning to buy or to lease your next vehicle, whether it will be new or used, the first step is going to be doing your homework.
With a total of 7 years in the Automotive Industry, I will tell you one thing as a truth. If you skip this step; it Will cost you!
About the Author:
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