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Best Place to Put Baby Furniture

by Kim Proulx

posted in Home and Family : Babies Toddler

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All new moms could use some organization in their lives.   Especially when life starts to get unpredictable with unexpected baby messes, many new items that need to be stored and the need to keep track of all of baby's essentials.   That's where strategic baby furniture placement comes into play.

Make a List of What You Need

If you're an expecting mom and haven't even started decorating the nursery then start by making a list of what you need.   You'll need baby furniture including: crib, changing table, dresser, bookcase, glider and ottoman and accessories such as: diaper pail, diapers, wipes, hamper, trashcan, safety gates, baby clothes, crib bedding, extra linens, swaddle blankets, pacifiers, mobile and any other accessories that will add convenience and charm to the space.

Create a Plan of Where to Put Everything

Once the list is made, now it's time to get the baby furniture and accessories and put them in the ideal spot.   If you shop online at a store that sells everything from baby furniture to baby clothes and accessories, that will make life easier.  Once the baby items are delivered you'll need to have a plan of where you'll place it all.

Measure, Measure, Measure

It's crucial to measure the nursery.  Make sure that the baby furniture will fit before you buy it.   It's also a good idea to draw a diagram of the room with the furniture included.   This makes setting up the room a cinch when the furniture arrives.

Baby Furniture Placement Tips

You and baby will get into a day-after-day routine which will consist of baby sleeping, baby waking, baby needing diaper change, baby needing clothes change, baby needing cuddles and food.  Then you'll do it all over again at nap time and bed time.   With proper baby furniture placement this routine is sure to go smoothly.   Below are some good tips.

* Put the crib close to the changing table.  Having crib and changer close allows you to get baby out of bed and change his/her diaper promptly.  A wet diaper is the norm when a baby wakes, so you'll need to change it every morning.   Babies should also go to bed with a dry diaper, so your little one will need a diaper change before bedtime as well.  Having both crib and changer close makes this process easy for both you and baby.

* Stack your changing table with all of baby's diapering essentials.   Make sure that the changer has shelves or drawers that are full of diapers, wipes, ointments and any other diapering essentials your baby might need.  You never want to leave your baby unattended on the changer, so keep things in easy reach.

* Place dresser near the changing table.   Keep baby's clothes near the changing table.  Through early years you can change your baby's diaper and clothes on the changing pad.  If the dresser is close, you can easily grab a new pair of clothes, take it to the changer, get baby out of bed and change his/her diaper and clothes at the same time.

* Put the glider and ottoman close to the bookcase.   If you get a glider or rocker it will be used for many purposes.  You'll use it for a cozy chair during late night feedings and you'll also use it for story time.  If you put the glider close to the bookcase then you can easily grab a book while keeping baby secure in your arms.  You can also place a bottle on a bookcase shelf if you end the night with a feeding and a story.  This way baby isn't distressed by you having to get up and grab your favorite picture book.  Keeping glider and bookcase close will make your bedtime routine calm and restful, so baby can fall right to sleep.

* Place a small table or night stand near the glider with a reading lamp.   By doing this you'll have good lighting for story time that you can reach without troubling baby.  You'll also have a spot for a drink for you or for holding your baby's bottle and burp cloths.

* Ensure that the room stays clean by including plenty of storage options.   A clean room means a happier mama and baby and the proper baby furniture placement can help.  Make sure you have a dresser with enough room for all your baby's clothes and accessories.  Use one drawer for keeping the most needed items easily accessible including: pacifiers, burp cloths, extra linens, music box, teething toys and anything else you or baby needs on a regular basis.  Also, make sure to get a hamper for dirty clothes and a trash can and diaper pail for garbage and dirty diapers.  This way you have a place for everything.

I Parenthood will me stress-free if you plan out your baby furniture placement with the sole purpose of making life easier.   Just remember these key facts: * Place baby furniture near other furnishings you'll use next in your daily routine * Keep important items readily accessible * Get enough storage options for everything * Have a plan for getting rid of garbage.  By following those rules you're sure to create the perfect nursery that will promote a fun and organized life with your baby.

About the Author:

Get tips on top brand baby furniture and baby products from Kim Proulx, a Certified Parent Coach who cares about families.

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