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Get your baby a Dribble Bib

by anna

posted in Home and Family : Babies Toddler

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A lot of new parents these days are fashionable and trendy. They like or rather love to dress well and they spend a lot of money on designer clothes and accessories for themselves. They also like to dress their child up in the new lines of designer clothes and accessories that designers and fashion labels have put on the market these days to cater to these new, young customers. These clothes and accessories though, are often as expensive as their full sized counter parts for grown ups.

There are a few problems with spending a lot of money on clothes and accessories for infants. The first is that they grow at such an astounding pace that they tend to grow through clothes almost as fast as you can buy them. Some but not all of the pain of having clothing become unusable so quickly can be offset by giving it away to other parents with younger or smaller infants. The second reason that designer clothing for babies tends to have such a short life span is that babies are hard on their clothes. They tend to drop things like food, throw up and spit up and even when it is not meal time the constant dribble that babies seem to produce can quickly ruin most outfits.

The answer is to get yourself something called a Dribble Bib. They keep your baby clean and more importantly dry and that goes a long way in keeping crankiness at bay. They are also available in a range of colours and styles so no matter how hip or cool your baby's outfit is you can find a bib that will not ruin the look. They are also priced realistically so even if they get ruined it does not hurt to replace them and they protect much more expensive clothing underneath. You also save time because changing a Dribble Bib is a whole lot easier and quicker for everyone involved, both you and the baby than changing an entire outfit like a one piece suit. Not to mention it is far less painful a task. So get yourself a pack of these bibs today and you will realise what you have been missing. They are available in sizes to fit any baby and it will be a pleasant surprise to you, how a simple bib can make your baby not just much happier at meal times but much cleaner around the clock.

About the Author:

Get yourself a Dribble Bib for your baby at

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