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Blair Rewards Of Yester Year, Where Are Tony's Party Workers In 2009

by Daniel Marcus Manson

posted in Finance : Banking

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As we move forward in this modern day of slow economics, disparage between various groups of people, and some horrific crimes, many people are looking back over the past and wondering how we got into this situation. This is why many now dig into the past and wonder about such things as Blair rewards of yester year, where are Tony’s party workers in 2009. Though Blair rewards complaints have never been a well kept secret, it is obvious that many would like to find evidence to prove that mistakes were made.

So in retrospect, it is easy to look back at what happened and to ask why a decision was made, especially if one is now in the future and can have an ‘he should have known better attitude’ in regards to things that perhaps did not work out so well. From the United States to the United Kingdom, and virtually around the world, people are questioning politicians about the past choices that may have that have had an impact on the circumstances that we live in today. Easy targets for blame and questioning are the world leaders that we depend on for guidance. Whether it is the US President’s selections for important positions or the Blair rewards for campaigning roles, the public has a right for explanations and justifications. We expect these people to make the right decisions and when they don’t we feel, that we as the citizens of these countries feel that we have been betrayed and let down time and time again.

The fact is that these elected officials have the power to make decisions that impact not only the people in one country, but in effect, their decisions can influence the entire world. It’s not surprising to hear some refer to appointments made such leaders as gimmicks used to support their own purposes. For instance, the so-called Blair rewards program is often referred to as the Blair rewards scam. This may be due to the fact that some people thought that at other times in his career, Tony Blair was willing to ‘save’ certain individuals from pending political disaster. This type of help has often been referenced as the ‘Blair easy saver’. The thought was that Blair’s help ‘saved’ such people from embarrassment or even the ending of their career.

In truth, a measurement of the past decisions made by Tony Blair and other political leaders can be appraised by checking the status of the people that were helped by these “reward programs” and how their careers have ultimately progressed. The fact is no matter how it may seem to the people that most of the appointments made over the years have been wise ones. None of us have a crystal ball to tell us exactly what lies ahead, but the esteemed political leaders and their trusted associates that work diligently to serve us, usually make wiser decisions than the ‘Average Joe’ could.

About the Author:

I am Marley Masters and I am an advocate for the people. I pursue and believe in fair practices and accountability in the world politics and politicians. Throughout the last few years it may seem to many that Tony Blair rewards those that do more harm for his country than good in the name of getting paid, often times referring to his actions as the Blair Rewards Program for the undeserved. Many have raised opposition and want to know how the Blair rewards complaints are handled and why after so many have been made nothing has been done about it.

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