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The Bathroom Shower And The Scorpion

by Adam

posted in Home Improvement : Bath and Shower

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Tired from hunting the scorpion came to rest in the shower cubicle. Snuggling down he thought this was the perfect place to spend the night as the cool remnants of water that were left in the base refreshed him somewhat.

He awoke the next morning to the sound of screaming and scurried around in a panic. A human was stood above him with a slipper trying to swat at him. Unsure of why the human would want to hurt him he scurried out of the shower and took refuge in a crevice that they could not reach.

Curled up he cried himself soundly to sleep and wondered why these creatures were so mean to him. Waking to a beautiful moonlit sky he checked the coast was clear and scuttled across the floor and through the vent to the outside world.

Taking in the fresh air he started to feel a bit better and decided that he should go and find something to eat. Hiding in the shadows he managed to catch a passing bug in his lethal pincers. Strange, he could have sworn his food had said something and even looked as though it was crying but he shrugged it off.

After eating he did a little more exploring of the vast and beautiful garden before him and deciding it was time for bed decided to retreat to the coolness of the shower cubicle he had laid in previously.

There was no sign of the human from before and it was already light so he decided to snuggle down and catch up on his rest.

Awaking to the same screaming the scorpion began freaking out and suddenly shouted "Please don't squish me." "Don't what!?" replied the human in sheer disbelief.

"You can understand me?" said the scorpion. "I have no idea why but yes I can understand you perfectly."
Looking at each from head to tail/toe all they could think was their lives hung in the balance of what the other's reaction would be.

Breaking the silence the scorpion asked curiously "Why did you try and kill me yesterday". Looking ashamed the human admitted that seeing him in her shower had frightened her as one sting of his tail could have killed her. "So that's why you acted as you did" said the scorpion solemnly. "Just because I have a sting in my tail does not mean I would necessarily use it."

The young woman gazed at the scorpion with respect and replied "The problem is that not being able to understand what you are feeling or how you will react makes people afraid of you because killing is in your nature." "What do you mean"? asked the scorpion. "Well you must kill for food." Thinking back the scorpion realised that the bug he saw as food was a living thing and would have been afraid also.

"I am truly sorry" said the woman. "I will not act as drastically in the future." "Nor would I" replied the scorpion.

From that day on the woman would wake up the scorpion so she could shower and they would chat and reminisce about their day, becoming the best of friends.

About the Author:

Adam is an expert when it comes to choosing bathroom taps and will give out advice for when you are shopping for your taps.

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