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Basic Causes of Disease - six Secrets to Improve Your Health

by Kitty Cooper

posted in Home Improvement : Bath and Shower

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To fight the fundamental causes of disease and improve your health you can follow these six easy secrets as practiced within the Hippocrates health lifestyle.
1.       Get the right amount of sun
2.       Bring more oxygen into your life
3.       Hydrate properly with the proper kind of water
4.       Exercise
5.       Rest
6.       Consistent positive thinking and a positive environment

Spend 20-thirty minutes in the outdoors EVERY DAY. Sit or walk in sunlight. Create sure to hide any sensitive elements of your body. The simplest times to be outdoors are before 10:00AM and after three:00PM. Daylight is the simplest immune-system builder.

Learn to breathe deeply, especially when you're close to sources of oxygen (the ocean, fields and forests, running streams, greenhouses, air-purifiers that produce oxygen, etc.). if you reside in a polluted atmosphere, purchase an air-purifier that creates oxygen for your apartment or home. Eat and juice masses of sprouts. Use an oxygen-enhancer in your juices and drinking water.

High-quality distilled or reverse-osmosis water is best for drinking, soaking seeds and nuts, and cooking. Other waters are potentially filled with bacteria, viruses, parasites, inorganic chemicals, etc.
Every different day, take a hot bathtub for twenty minutes using sales and baking soda, ground ginger or green clay (one or two cups per tub) follows by a chilly-shower rinse. This method pulls toxins - particularly significant metals - out of the body through the skin.  Filtered water should be used for bathing and showering.

Adopt a daily exercise routine. Correct exercise will increase energy reserves. Do stretching each day - once in the morning and once in the evening - for ten-fifteen minutes. Do resistance exercise 3 times per week for at least thirty minutes. Open and close every session with acceptable stretching, and use solely safe equipment.

Do aerobic exercise four times per week for at least 30 minutes. The most effective sorts of aerobics are brisk walking, swimming, and rebounding. End with a short stretching routine. Skin-brush daily - before bathing or showering - for 3-five minutes. Skin brushing loosens dead surface skin cells, stimulates acupressure points, and activates lymphatic drainage.

Listen to your body for rest cycles. As an example, it's natural to rest for 30 minutes once each meal. For optimal cellular cleansing and rebuilding, don't eat or drink something for 3 hours before you go to sleep at night.

It's necessary that you have got sufficient uninterrupted sleep during the night. Quick on juices in some unspecified time in the future per week. Drink solely freshly-squeezed juices, distilled water, and gerbil teas, consume at least 3 quarts of liquid on day of fasting, thereby giving your digestive tract a abundant needed likelihood to rest.

Consistent Positive Thinking and a Positive Environment
Be positive, and take responsibility for your life's circumstances. See every opportunity as opportunity to find out and progress. Produce health by envisioning it and following the "guidelines" the return to you. Concentrate on that vision for 2 minutes before and after each meal. And - throughout those moments - be thankful for the chance that life is.

Learn to esteem yourself and love who you are. Produce a shallowness notebook in which, each night before you move to sleep, you write seven things that you prefer concerning yourself. Then - each three months for 30-sixty minutes - review what you've got written.

About the Author:

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