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The Undiscovered World In Your Bathroom With Your Bathroom Taps

by Adam

posted in Home Improvement : Bath and Shower

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Sighing Avril stepped into the shower. Late again she thought. Her boss was going to be ranting at her as usual.

As the warm water caressed her face Avril felt light-headed and closed her eyes reaching out to the wall for support. To her surprise she found that there was no wall and when she opened her eyes she was sat on a rock that appeared to be in the middle of the ocean.

Suddenly aware of her nakedness as she had been within the shower she clasped her hands to her breast and tried to cross her legs. To her amazement she found that this was a most difficult task. Looking down she realised that she no longer had legs but a tail that was vibrant with colour, similar to that of a rainbow trout. Looking upon herself she reeled in amazement to find that seashells adorned her breasts with which to keep her dignity and that her hands had intricate webbing between the fingers.

Unable to take this all in her eyes rolled back in her head and she fainted, falling from the rock into the ocean below.

"Deianeira, Deianeira whatever's the matter" a strong yet soothing voice engulfed the ocean around her.

Waking gradually she opened her eyes to see a beautiful young woman before her. "I always worry when you go to the land of man that you will forget who you are and not come back." Puzzled Avril looked around her and found that she was completely submerged within the water and yet could breathe with no difficulty in a place that appeared to be some kind of home underwater. "What are you talking about and where am I!" She exclaimed sternly.

"I was afraid this might happen" replied the woman. "You stay there for too long and you forget." What the hell are you talking about" said Avril anger now bubbling within her voice.

"I am your sister Lyssa and your real name is Deianeira, Avril is an alias that you use when traversing in the land of the humans."

Puzzled and afraid Avril looked at the woman who claimed to be her sister. She was breathtakingly beautiful with the same kind of tail as her own and long blonde hair that fell in ringlets on her back. She wore the most beautiful pearl necklace that was decorated with intricate shells throughout and looked at her with sadness through pretty blue/green eyes.

"Deianeira you are home, you are just a little confused from your journey." "Why do you keep calling me Deianeira?" exclaimed Avril calmly.

"Because you are Deianeira, the Chieftain's daughter, my sister and partial ruler of Endonae." "You went to the human land a few weeks ago, the longest any of us has ever been to a life that had been set up by our kind for us to observe the humans and learn from them." When water touched your face it reminded you of who you were and you were brought back home by the magic contained within your soul."

Coming around a little Avril started to remember her life as a Sea Sorcerer and remembered that she was in fact named Deianeira after her mother.

About the Author:

Adam is an expert when it comes to choosing bath taps and will give out advice for when you are shopping for your thermostatic showers.

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