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Fun Party Games

by linkroll

posted in Home and Family : Birthdays

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Birthday parties with fun party games are events that we all look forward to. There are many different fun party games that you can use in your birthday bash. These games can be the usual but traditional birthday games that we all know. There are many games that are suited for people of varying ages.

Some of the usual fun party games that we recognize are games like Pass the Parcel. In this game the host wraps a surprise object in a number of layers of brown paper. Once the object has been fully wrapped, it is passed around among the guests who are seated in a circle. This parcel is passed during a session of music. Once the music stops the person who is holding the parcel unwraps one layer of the parcel.

In this manner a layer of wrapping comes off during the times that the music is stopped. At the end when the parcel is revealed the guest who is holding the parcel gets a special prize. You will also find lots of other fun party games that many other people play during their birthday parties.

Another variation of Pass the Parcel would be a game called Pass the Bubbles. This fun party game entails a bubble being passed among guests instead of a parcel. Since the bubble is lightweight and it tends to float off in any direction you have to be careful not to accidentally pop it when you are trying to catch the bubble.

There are other fun party games that we have all played at parties and these ones continue to be favorites even though many changes can be found in the way that these are played. One of the timeless party games that are used at birthday parties is that of musical chairs. For this party game a certain number of chairs are lined up in a row or a circle. The chairs are placed in a back to front formation so that the people have to sit on the chair that is facing them.

To make this game even more exciting there is one chair less than the players. Finally at the end of the game there will only be one chair left to sit on and the various remaining people must rush to see who will get there first. The winner of musical chairs and the other players are all given prizes of some sort for their participation in the games.

With birthday parties the games that are played can be either the old favorites or new ones. The choice of fun party games is only dictated by the tastes of the people. To cater for these wide tastes you will find many of the new fun party games that are a twist on the old time favorites. So pick a few and watch the enjoyment of your guests grow as they have loads of fun.

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