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Utilizing Your Storefront for Free Advertising

by Andrew Hallinan

posted in Business : Branding

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Businesses are almost always looking for new ways to advertise, but what they really hope for is free advertising that leaves them with nothing but pure profit, zero investment.  A great way to do that is by utilizing your storefront or display window.  But you can't just throw a few products in your display window and call it useful advertising.  Smart businesses see their whole storefront as a billboard to be fashioned as needed.  Any part of your company building that faces a street, sidewalk, or park is a huge brand marketing opportunity.  The trick is to get all different aspects of the outside of your building to work together and complement each other, in the same way that a billboard flows and is attractive to people driving by.  The first step was decided when you began your business and chose your location.  Common sense says that a storefront on a busy, high-traffic road will be a much more valuable "billboard"; as the real estate business has already told us, "location, location, location!".  But what else can be done to develop your brand marketing through the entire exterior of your company?

Business Sign

The second step is just as important, but not as permanent as the first.  Your business sign is an essential part of your brand marketing.  It needs to be unique, professional, and attractive.  Your business sign should reflect and add to the character of your company.  Think of it as the letter head of your entire storefront.  Because of that, it should without a doubt include your company logo and name, perhaps even your slogan or motto as well.  At the same time, your business sign is your company's signature.  All these reasons are why this is such a pivotal link in your brand marketing campaign.  If you don't already have a sign that meets the requirements listed above, find a reputable sign company and start on designing a new one.  A professional sign company will make a high-quality, durable business sign that will stand up to weather and time.  A good sign company will also have the expertise to work and collaborate with you in crafting your new business sing that is worthy of being your company's fingerprint.

Banners and Signs

Banners and signs are the third step in your brand marketing campaign.  While your business sign is the meat and potatoes of your storefront billboard, seasonal and sale banners and signs are the dessert.  This means this form of advertising is an add-on, a rotating advertisement that likely changes quite often.  Because of that, don't be afraid to take risks, and get daring with the design of these temporary advertisements.  But remember that temporary doesn't mean that banners and signs don't impact (hopefully for the better) your brand marketing.  Banners and signs are usually the "loud" part of a storefront, the announcement portion whose purpose is to entice and be irresistible.  Because of that, this is another brand marketing tool that would benefit from the advice and skilled capability of a sign company.  Sign companies can print billboard sized signs and banners in full color with a high pixel count.


About the Author:

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