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5 Secrets for Better B2B Sales Lead Generation

by Rocky C Rhodes

posted in Business

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In any business-to-business operation, generating leads is essential to maintaining and growing revenue. However, not all leads are created equal. Some leads will inherently be more valuable in terms of your chances of closing the sale. Although this is one of the most important facets of any business, it is typically the most difficult to execute successfully. According to a recent survey among top-level managers, B2B sales lead generation is one of the biggest causes for concern in any business. Here are 5 secrets that will help you gain a competitive advantage in your sales approach.
1. Utilize SEO to Build a Web Presence
Search engine optimization is the process of using highly competitive keywords and key phrases in the content of your website, so that you appear in the top few results whenever someone searches for that keyword. People will usually only click on the top 2 or 3 results in the search for any given keyword or phrase. By focusing on these keywords, you gain more traffic to your website, and likely, more leads. A recent study suggests that 93% of buyers for any given industry start their buying research online, so building a web presence and making it easy to be found is vitally important.
2. Content is King
This phrase is becoming more and more popular among marketers and B2B salespeople. Content marketing is the process of communicating with your clients by providing them with high quality information, entertainment, or 'infotainment' in order to build a relationship rather than directly selling. The more valuable you can make your content, the more your online prospects will trust you. Content can include a number of different things, like blog posts, newsletters, video, and social media updates.
3. Social Media
It is no secret that social media outlets have taken the B2B industry by storm. Few other platforms allow for such fast and convenient networking. According to a recent study by Forbes Magazine, Twitter generates 9 times more leads than any other social media platform. Twitter's unique set up for posting short pieces of content that showcases relevant industry knowledge and current events, and is a great way to get in touch with industry leaders.
4. Blog to Highlight Your Authority
To most, blogging seems like simply a hobby, but in fact it is actually a really effective way to generate leads from other businesses. Also a method of content marketing, blogging can increase website traffic and help with SEO initiatives when you focus on specific phrases and keywords. Most importantly, blogging is a way for you to highlight your expertise in your field and establishes you as a frontrunner and industry leader.
5. The Sale Can Be Made Before The Sell
Often times, when a company is choosing between multiple vendors of a particular product or service, the sale decision is made before any of the vendor candidates are contacted to begin the sales consultation process. Typically the buyer performs the research, makes a decision, and then the company is contacted. This means that if you can build your brand and presence, you are more likely to find leads contacting you, instead of the other way around.
About the Author: To find out more about how you can maximize and optimize your B2B sales lead generation efforts, go to now!
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