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8 Tips To Increase Sales Through Color Printing

by Fred Aronowitz

posted in Business

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Here are some valuable promotion tips on how to increase sales with affordable flyer printing. Promotional flyers are not expensive as long as you get a high conversion rate. There are many reasons why flyer printing may not be working for you as hard as they could. It may sound harsh but nobody cares about your company, your product or your equipment. What they do care about is great customer service and what benefit they get from purchasing your product or service. Using fast food and restaurants as an example, here is how you can apply these flyer tips to any business, product or service.
  • Before you start telling them what you are selling, tell them in your headline why they need it and how it will make their lives better. There's an old advertising adage, "Sell The Sizzle And They'll Buy The Steak". Customers are looking for a solution to a problem. It could be as simple as, "what's for dinner?"

  • Write a compelling call to action headline at the top of your flyers. "Buy One, Get One Free" could be a great way of getting customers' attention. Select your slowest day of the week and make the offer for that day. Near the bottom of the flyer offer an additional discount for those who can't take advantage of your headline offer. This extends the life of your promotion. Print one side of the flyer giving your "two for the price of one" offer or any other offer you want to make. The other side of the flyer could be a takeout menu or another promotion that will attract attention.

  • It makes sense for businesses to use multi-marketing with flyers thereby drawing the customer to your website as well. Instead of using your home page, an effective way to involve customers is to create a new landing page or a new dedicated URL. This makes result tracking easy and gets fast feedback. Offer discount coupons or a code number for online offers that can change weekly or monthly.

  • If you are a creative person and would like to design your own flyer, be sure to checkout the printing requirements needed to make your flyer print correctly. Use free flyer templates to start your layout giving you guides for bleeds and safety areas. If you don't have time or it's more than you want to learn, save yourself a lot of headache and hire a local designer that specializes in print production or see if the printer you have selected has design services. The benefits of having the printing service design for you is you won't have printing problems. The printing service will be responsible for the design as well as quality of the printing. You won't be in the middle if a problem occurs.

  • Be sure to design a flyer print format that can be used many times so your flyers becomes a recognizable branding tool that people will respond to. Keep this format every time you send out a new flyer to strengthen your branding.

  • Your flyers represents your business. Don't skimp on thin paper to save a few dollars. The old adage is "you get what you paid for". A first impression is instantly made when your flyer promotion is picked up. People will notice the quality of the paper your flyer is printed on. If it's too thin, it will feel cheap. Flyers printed on a thicker stock create the impression of quality. The minimum paperweight should be no less than 80 lb book weight. For a bigger bang, 100 lb book is not much more expensive and worth the cost. Other heavier paperweights for consideration are 100 lb cover weight and heavy 14 pt or extra heavy 16 pt card weight.

  • For cheap local distribution, consider Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) a USPS direct mail distribution service that only costs $.175 for each piece. You can target every home or home and business in your best demographic areas, right down to the carrier route. The advantages are low cost and you don't need a bulk permit, expensive mail lists or imprinting of addresses. It's faster than bulk mail so you get a quicker response. Be sure to follow the post office requirements and you'll get an incredible bargain.

  • Printing flyer promotions are not a one-time deal. Flyers won't bring high results unless you make it a marketing campaign. Print advertising works best only if it's distributed to the same people at least once a month with different offers. This is the way to build your business and confidence in your brand.

  • Implementing these tips will create a high ROI and keeping your brand in the front of people's minds. When they think of a product or service that you provide, you want them to think of you and your business.
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