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Friday: The Perfect Day To Celebrate Your Successes

by Lisa Chilvers

posted in Business

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In my office, Friday's are consolidation days. It's the time in the week when I catch up on all the things I should have done by now but haven't. When I try to get round to the task I set myself for Tuesday that spilled over into Wednesday and which, due to getting bogged down in all sorts of other things hasn't yet been completed. Sound familiar?
It's also a day for reflection, when I look back on the week and decide what I can learn from the way it all went. Most importantly, I dig around in my mind for all the things I know went well, however small and seemingly insignificant. You see, by this time in the week there's always been an awful lot going on and it would be so easy to end the day by worrying about all the things I should've done by now but haven't - the reports I should have completed, the website update I still haven't done, the client I didn't manage to get... the list could go on and on.
But in reality, what would that really achieve? Well, I can almost guarantee it won't make me feel good about myself and then I'll go into the weekend feeling frustrated, the time I should be spending relaxing will, instead, be wasted worrying about all the unfinished business and by the time Monday comes round, I'll already be feeling defeated. I bet I'm not the only one who's ever done this - spent all Friday evening worrying about the things I didn't do, rather than congratulating myself for all the great stuff I did do.
Think about it. Wouldn't it be so much better to end every week on a high? Wouldn't it feel great to acknowledge all the good stuff you did and give yourself a great big pat on the back? I think it would.
So, go make a cup of coffee, or even pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple and just sit back, reflect on the week and savour those small moments of triumph. Maybe you finally got your paperwork up to date or, as I did, managed to keep my temper against all odds when a particularly irritating individual seemed intent on driving me to distraction. Nothing outstanding in that maybe, but they were definitely high points.
Hopefully there'll be some of you reading this that can reel off not just one, but several, major triumphs and that's even better, but even if you can only come up with some small stuff, it'll remind you just how well you did this week to get this far.
There's a heck of a lot of good stuff goes on every day, but we're generally really bad at recognising it. Instead, we quite often latch onto the stuff that didn't go so well and end the week on a low instead of what it should be, a great big high.
If you look hard enough, you can find high points in every day of every week. These are the things you should concentrate on and so on that note, congratulations everyone on a most splendid week, a fabulous weekend and a cracking start on Monday!
About the Author: When you've worked hard all week, Friday is the perfect time to look back at all the things you achieved. Forget the things you didn't get round to and make them a priority next week. It's important to celebrate your successes and end the week on a high
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