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FRP Products Versus Conventional Building Materials

by Rajib KR Saha

posted in Business

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FRP (Fibre-reinforced plastic) is an amalgamated material created from the polymer mold toughened with fibres. These strands used are normally carbon, glass, basalt or aramid. The other types of strands used are wood or asbestos. Various industries such as marine, automotive, construction and aerospace make use of these products.
This material is becoming popular, especially in the construction industries. Due to its excellent properties such as lightweight, high tensile strength and non-corrosive nature, this material has gained acceptance over the traditional materials such as steel. Following are some of the advantages of the FRP over the conventional building materials:
• This particular composite material is highly resistant to corrosion, unlike steel and other metals. This material remains unaffected by the impact of water, chemical gases and fumes. Due to this non-corrosive property, there is an extensive variation of these products that are capable of withstanding the effects of rust and chemicals.
• The FRP products are about 65 to 75% lighter than steel, yet stronger than steel. This lightweight of this material has reduced the costs associated to its transport, handling and installation.
• Due to its non-corrosive property, this composite material hardly requires maintenance, thus removing the need of maintenance costs. One only needs to take care of cleaning this material of dirt and debris. Also, being lighter than steel, this material could be lifted with ease and moved as per one's convenience.
• In comparison to steel, this advanced composite material tends to get back to its original shape after the deflection. This is possible mainly due to its advanced elastic property. Even test conducted have shown that these materials can withstand a huge amount of pressure, without displaying lasting shape deformation.
• The products made from this composite material have the highest level of resistance to slip. As per the safety standards set by OH&S, it is 50-70% safer than the other materials in terms of slip resistance. This percentage is crucial for safety conscious workplaces such as factories, oilrigs and so on.
• This material is perfect for using in sensitive environments mainly due to its intent ability to disperse static electricity. This property is very crucial while working in underground locations and gaseous environment where there are chances of sparks rising from the colliding of metals.
• The FRP products are capable of withstanding the intense amount of heat for prolonged periods. This heat resistance varies according to the type of fibre strands used in the crafting of these products.
These properties truly make the FRP products popular than the conventional building materials. These materials are becoming the best choice for engineers and constructors.
About the Author: Rajib KR Saha is a reputed writer composing several write-ups on the extensive use of the FRP products made from the pultrusions processes.
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