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Emergency Planning Models And Core Relief Items

by Andy Gabriel

posted in Business

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Disaster Management also recognized as "Emergency Management" is referred to as a course in which a collection of people plan to assist vulnerable areas and manage disasters. Disaster management is not a course of action for the prevention of threats but instead it focuses to reduce the impact of the disaster.
The threats covered in disaster management are either man-made or natural for example, fire, earthquake, terrorist attack, public disorder, etc.
Disaster Management process involves formulation and application of Emergency Plans. The motive of emergency planning is to prevent destruction caused by any disaster.
Model for implementation of emergency planning
The emergency plan must regularly be updated so that in the case of disaster it can be immediately put into effect. Given below are the steps that are generally followed by the emergency planners -
  • Pre-incidence testing and preparation - emergency planning begins with employing trained personnel's who will be responsible for making decisions during the disaster. Next step is to assess the plans formulated.
  • Exchange of an event assessment- in case of emergencies, communication becomes an essential subject. Miscommunication can result in the escalation of the disaster. An assessment should be done immediately after identifying the disaster to evaluate the effect of the disaster and its implications.

  • Professional Emergency Managers
    There are many organizations that have taken up the cause of serving humanity. The main aim of professional emergency managers is to provide core relief items, support and structure to the devastated parts. Most commonly used Core relief items, distributed amongst the deprived; include shelter (waterproof tents), blankets, clothes, kitchen utilities, stove, water container, sleeping mats, etc.
    Core Relief Items
    Relief is the term employed to describe the act of providing essential, suitable and timely aid to those affected by an emergency. It involves delivery of a particular quantity and quality of items to a group of people. The disaster management organizations provide relief to the affected areas. They bring together resources to ensure that relief is provided as fast as possible. Core relief items can be divided into different categories:
    1. Food: Food supplies are most important part of relief items. However, it is necessary to ensure that food products are culturally and nutritionally suitable for the distressed areas and that the prices of the articles, their transportation, storage and distribution are kept to a minimum.
    2. Shelter: Shelter is crucial for a survival of the refugees in the initial stages of an emergency. It is also necessary for providing a sense of security and personal safety to the vulnerable, and prevention from the elements. Shelter cooperation is provided to every single household so that meanwhile they can repair or construct of their destroyed household.
    3. Non-food items: people who have lost everything in a calamity, also require basic goods and supplies to retain their health, solitude and dignity, to meet their personal hygiene needs, to cook and eat food and to achieve necessary levels of thermal relieve. These might include clothes, first-aid kits, sanitary items (towels, toilet paper rolls), coverlets, bedding, stoves and kitchen sets, water containers and hygiene products.
    4. Cash and voucher programs
    Big scale emergency response mostly depends on the heavy channel of emergency aid from external areas that are affected, necessitating major logistics, transportation, and human resources.
    Core relief items not only focus on adults but should also cater the needs of children and pets. Therefore, they should include items and resources for children and pets as well.
    To conclude, Preparing for a calamity ensures that everybody accept the fact that mishaps do occur and presents an opportunity to identify and collect the core relief items required to fulfill their basic needs after a calamity.
    About the Author: Andy Gabriel is a highly experienced web designer and graphic designer, who works for a leading web design company and graphic design company.
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