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How to Avoid Buying Poor Quality Tools - Top Tips

by E M

posted in Business

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Do It Yourself (DIY) is now a vast global pastime and a business that's worth billions.
Whatever DIY activities you are planning, you will find life so much easier if you are not only using the right tool for the job but also one of decent quality.
Many of us have had the experience of working with tools that break or otherwise fail while we are trying to use them. This is often related to the basic quality of the tool concerned, so here are some top tips as to how to go about avoiding buying poor quality tools or tool sets.
  • Avoid bargain-basement prices.

  • The quality of the materials used in tool production and the engineering skills behind putting them together, both have a huge effect on the final retail price. Although there are significant differences in production costs around the world, in the 21st century it is extremely doubtful if any country, anywhere, can produce extremely high quality and superbly engineered tools for next to nothing.
    So, if you see exceptionally attractive prices, you should be on your guard because some compromises somewhere must have been made in order to achieve that price.
  • Look for recognised brands.

  • Quality tool and machinery traders won't want their brand associated with tools that are likely to fail in use. Equally, some manufacturers have a reputation for only producing the very highest quality products. So, research that on the web before you start looking to purchase.
  • Research the manufacturer of your potential tools on the Internet in advance for feedback.

  • If you read lots of negative reviews about the quality of their products then it should be a no-brainer that they're well worth avoiding.
  • Consider buying used tools of some age.

  • If a tool has seen some use but is still in good condition, then it's a fairly good indication that it is a quality and robust product.
  • Take a slight interest in metallurgy.

  • For example, there is a significant difference between Carbon and High Speed Steel (HSS). Just 15 or 20 minutes research on the Internet will give you basics of the differences and that will help you in turn to select products that are suitable for the job.
  • Think long term when buying your tools.

  • A relatively cheap and perhaps poor quality tool might be perfectly adequate for your use at the time concerned but what about if you unexpectedly need to tackle another more demanding job in a week's time? Unless you wish to go out and buy another tool set, you might be better buying good quality to begin with.
  • Use your hands and eyes when selecting tools.

  • This is a difficult one to explain in writing but there is often a 'look and feel' difference between good and poor quality tools. Pick up a very expensive version of what you are looking for in your local DIY outlet and then the cheapest one they have. Hold one in each hand and you'll understand those look and feel differences. That will help you to identify quality and avoid rubbish.
    Almost everybody, apart perhaps from those who are fortunate enough to be rich, has sometimes made the mistake of buying cheap tools to save a bit of money. Most of them have subsequently bitterly regretted that decision!
    Try not to become one of them.
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