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The Interviewer, the Client and the Bridesmaid

by Beth Deison Smith

posted in Business

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Several weeks ago, my client and I called a candidate to get her scheduled for an interview. She asked for a phone interview at noon on the Friday afternoon that we had available for interviewing. She was very specific about the time. When I asked her if there was a reason for that particular time, and she responded by saying, "Yes. I am in a wedding that day and it starts at 2:00." Since we schedule phone interviews all the time, I asked her if another day and time might be better, and she said "No. I do NOT want to miss out on this opportunity."
On the day of her interview, I asked her if she was ready for the wedding, and she said "Yes. We have done our hair and makeup, and I am sitting in a church pew in my Bridesmaid's dress. This is a first for me." It was a first for me and the client as well!
The most amazing part about that interview wasn't the dress or dedication to taking the call, although these were great steps to showing her enthusiasm for the position; it was actually in her preparation. She had done her research on the company. She referred to Yelp reviews and content that appeared on the website. She reviewed LinkedIn for additional knowledge about potential team mates and leadership. She asked excellent questions and she referred to her "list" of questions several times.
How dedicated are your job candidates when applying for a position with your company? I have seen my fair share of candidates who come to the interviewing table completely under prepared. If they ask what your company does, they did not take the time to research the organization. If the first thing out of their mouths is related to money and benefits, they may not actually be interested in investing themselves in the position being offered. If they do not come to the table with a "list of questions," they most likely will not ask questions when they get the job.
This woman not only showed dedication to landing the position, she even went out of her way to accommodate a complicated scheduled just to make sure she had an opportunity to talk with us. She knocked the ball out of the park... and all in her bridesmaid dress. Brilliant. Truly brilliant. Can you say the same for the people you are currently interviewing?
About the Author: Interested in hiring more effectively? A-list Interviews provides training and hiring services to empower employers to more effectively interview. Our 7 step interview process using the Response Analysis System™ is highly effective, with a 91% success rate of hires still employed by the company after 12 months. - Learn more at
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