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A Brief Overview of Rainwater Storage Tanks

by VS Singh

posted in Business

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Rainwater tanks are used extensively around the world in homes. The main purpose behind using them is to store water and make effective use of it later. The reasons behind using rain water are both monetary and environmental. This water can be utilized for various household chores or for agricultural purposes during the dry season.
Before getting a water storage tank, you must have a fair idea regarding your water requirements. Underground water tanks are also utilized for storing rain water to be used at a later date. Cheap water tanks are available in various shapes and sizes. Generally people living in homes use small-sized barrels for gardening purposes. In order to save costs people use old wine barrels for storing underground or rain water.
Many low-cost designs are also used in developing countries for storing rainwater. In some countries, rain water is also used for drinking. But due to lack of filtering facilities such water could get contaminated with mosquitoes.
In progressive nations water tanks are made from stronger materials like plastic, concrete, fiberglass and stainless steel. All these materials are known for being rust resistant. Tanks are generally installed in a manner that stored water does not come into contact with sunlight. Tanks are also covered on the top or have screen inlets inside them to prevent unwanted intrusion of animals, birds and insects. Inner plastic lining is also used to stop inside leakages. Different types of tanks are used for storing rain water from terraces, driveways and impenetrable surfaces. Tanks created by using modern technology can store up-to hundred thousand litres of water.
Rainwater, which is used for drinking is often filtered first. Various methods which are used for filtration are ultra filtration, reverse osmosis, etc. Chlorine present naturally in rain water also helps in preventing pollutants from entering water. Most of the health authorities around the globe ask people to abstain from drinking this water, especially if other options are available. The quality of rain water can be judged from its smell. But there are certain pathogens which do not produce any smell.
Rainwater is at times preferred over seawater desalination and recycling options as it is considered more Eco-friendly. Stored rainwater can be included in the centralized water supply by utilizing electro-pumps. Water stored in tanks can also be used to fill up the empty ponds.
In short storage tanks can be used as per requirement.
About the Author: To know more about water storage tanks, Contact Us
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