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How to Accomplish Goals Faster

by John R. Barker

posted in Business

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Have you ever started your day with the intention of working on a specific project that was within the scope of your daily goals, and then discovered that the entire day had come and gone and you never got to it?

Maybe it was a project that you've been working on launching for months. Or maybe it was a simple chore your boss asked you to do the day prior. Whatever the task is, not having a enough time or not remembering the goal at hand happens to everyone from time to time throughout life.

There is no specific way that I am going to tell you to prioritize tasks with. You can label them however you want. For example, I prefer to have "A" tasks, then "B" tasks, etc. And within each task letter there may be several smaller goals that make up the entire job. On my list they will be labeled "A1" and "A2", etc. Breaking your goals down in this way will help you accomplish them and make them feel more realistically doable.

You must put your most urgent and important tasks first; the goals that will immediately impact your bottom line most. My most urgent things to do are the ones that have serious repercussions if I don't get them done. Those involve commitments to others, usually, and you need to be careful that you're not saying 'yes' too much. Right after that come the things with an immediate, direct impact on my life - like making money, eating right, maintaining healthy relationships.

Bonus Tip: Sometimes getting overly intense about goals, can burn me out. Take occasional breaks to recharge. Myself, I enjoy my Shiatsu chair massager while listen to a binaural beat track that relaxes me, while also stimulating the creative areas of my brain. You can try a free sample at

An example would be my work requirements. I can't go to the office and play on the computer all day, so I label my main priorities in accordance with my work before I begin my work - often I do this the end of the previous workday. Plan your work, then work your plan.

I make a list of 6-8 'mini-goals' each day. I then label them as A - B - C - or D.

An 'A' goal has a direct impact - it's picking up the phone to close a sale, it's eating a healthy meal, it's buying flowers for my wife. Call it an important, instant gratification goal.

A 'B' goal is something that is 'planting seeds' - in the future, down the road, it stands a very good shot at paying off. Education, working out, marketing my business. To be clear, these are all very important - but they don't have the immediate impact on my life as an 'A' goal and that's why they're a lower priority.

A 'C' goal are those routine tasks that need to be done - but often they can be systematized, automated or delegated. If you want to take a giant leap forward towards success learn to deal with 'C's in this way and remove as many of them from your own plate as possible. If your skill set is worth $50-100 per hour or more, don't do $10 jobs.

A 'D' goal - well it isn't a goal and it shouldn't be only your list. It's a time waster. It's calling back the guy who's never going to do business with you and you know it. Sometimes it gets on your list because your trying to be 'nice' - these will kill you. In time you'll begin to recognize that you have 'D' goals on your list everyday. Go ahead: Write them down, recognize them and enjoy the gratification of simply crossing it off your list. It's like Benjamin Franklin said "A penny saved is a penny earned."

Many people tend to get into the bad habit of putting off their bigger goals by doing the less meaningful tasks during the day - the C's and D's are what you'll find most people putting their time into. This leads to procrastination and then you wonder why you are not accomplishing your goals.

Set aside a lot of time to reach your major daily goals. Since most of our important projects or tasks can't be completed in one sitting, you'll make your life easier and reduce your stress level when you can work on them with plenty of lead time. You do a little now and a little later and before you know it - you're done!

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