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Custom Business Cards

by linkroll

posted in Business

Houzz is your one-stop platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and professionals together in a uniquely visual community.
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If you are like most people in the business world, you collect a lot of business cards from people in meetings or people you patronize or might patronize. If you took the last 100 business cards you received and spread them out on a table, they would all pretty much look alike. The sea of little white cards with black printing in the same exact format would be mind numbing. Small wonder so many business cards get "misplaced" or discarded when they blend in with so many others that are not deemed significant.

"If you are going to do something at all, you might as well do it right."

If that has been your philosophy about the way you do business, that is a winning approach that has no doubt brought you success. But why put up with boring business cards that are identical to hundreds of other cards being carried in pockets of every businessperson you know? What do you hand out a business card to accomplish after all? You give it to client or business contact to remind them of who you are and why you are unique and the one of many they should think about doing business with.

That business card "becomes you" in the hands of your business contact telling your story long after your few minutes with that customer or business contact have passed. So you don't want that card to tell the story of a businessperson who is just like hundreds of others that business contact might have met. You want your business card to be as unique as you are so it jumps out of the pack and grabs his or her attention, just like you do when you are meeting clients face to face.

The first step to creating a business card that shouts out who you are is to abandon the business card mills where most people get their cards. Yes, you will have to customize the standard card for yours to stand out. That seems very clear. But that doesn't mean you have to go to incredible expense and effort just to make a card that has some personality and pizzazz. In fact, one of the easiest ways to create unique and customized cards is to work with some "at home" software using card stock you can buy at any office supply store.

Most of the time those packages come with more options than most people use in terms of design ideas and fonts. So play around with your software and see what you can do. You can also get some unique colors and even patterned card stock either at the office store or from the internet so you are off and running on a fun and interesting business card design. By putting some creativity into even this small part of your business profile, you are "doing it right" and creating a card that you will be proud to give to customers and business contacts because it represents you well.

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