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10 Essential Techniques for Enhancing Photos

by Richard Walker

posted in Business

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Enhancing photos involves some essential techniques that involve getting the perfect blend of contrast, color, resolution, and effect for the desired result. A digital picture can be edited a number of ways to give a different result, depending on techniques used. There are 10 essential techniques you can use for enhancing photos:

1. Boosting contrast means your image will have the desired shadows and highlights for your image. By learning essential techniques involving the proper contrast, you can enhance photos based on the mood and feeling you wish to convey. Contrast is the amount of difference between the tones in an image, and it can vary image to image.

2. Be sure that you are editing your images in 16-bit color depth. No matter what imaging software you are using, your output will depend on your input. Enhancing photos can involve editing or tinting colors with filters and eliminating things such as red-eye reflections.

3. Use curves, masks, dodge, and burns as essential techniques for enhancing photos contrasts and textures. These essential techniques can allow you to use several techniques on sky, water, and shorelines, for example, and then mask them together for a natural feel.

4. Learning essential techniques for enhancing photos skies and clouds can keep your skies from being dull, faded and washed out, and give more detail to clouds. By using a neutral density filter or a black to transparent gradient attached to the lens of your camera, less light is able to enter the top portion of the lens, protecting the sky from overexposure.

5. Zooming and panning on photos are essential techniques for enhancing photos, especially if you are interested in a particular aspect of a photo. You can make several photos from a family photo, for example by dragging zoomed portions and enhancing them into individual shots.

6. Another one of the essential techniques for enhancing photos is learning to layer mirror images for a unique photo, in certain circumstances. Layering mirror images or different images can give a silhouette effect or give an illusion of multiple exposures. This is done by copying and pasting images to form a new document image.

7. A way to add warmth and personality to a photo is by using the darkening edges technique. This is one of the essential techniques used to highlight the main subject of a photo. This is an easy way of enhancing photos to bring more attention to the main subject of the image.

8. Other essential techniques for enhancing photos may involve the wind filter, adjustment layers to colorize, layer styles for adding color and layer masks for blending. You can get special effects by using photo editing software to accomplish these different techniques.

9. Cropping photos is one of the most widely used essential techniques for enhancing photos. By cropping a photo to common photo sizes, you can cut out unnecessary parts of the photo and highlight the main subject of the image without changing the height and width ratios.

10. The most essential techniques for enhancing photos depends on your knowledge of image resolution, pixel dimensions and document size for enhancing photos and image quality.

By learning these 10 essential techniques for enhancing photos, you can use some of the effects that professional photographers use and produce high quality photos that convey a mood or feeling by using different techniques.

About the Author:

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