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No business without the patent industry standard LED encounter the bottleneck

by weihua

posted in Business : Business Opportunities

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Low-carbon model has increased the "national policy" high, sustainable low-carbon, green economy has become a world trend, no doubt for the LED lighting and other energy-saving environmental protection industry unprecedented opportunities. April 16, 2010, low-carbon development in LED Forum International Forum held in Shenzhen, some experts predict, China LED output value will exceed 100 billion this year, the size, more than doubled in 2008, the market very attractive.
However, the rapid development of the industry is faced with human resources, technology, patents and standards, and other bottlenecks. Accounted for 70% of the chip industry profits upstream industries, almost all monopolies by foreign giants. Can, LED OEM production only "Made in China" is another area of it?
Policies to promote the LED industry, big
At present, only foreign enterprises and domestic enterprises in almost all began to set foot LED lighting industry. Meanwhile, energy conservation policy, promotion, LED industry "cake" is rapidly being bigger. By the end of 2008, the implementation of a MOST and the Ministry of Finance, "10 City, 10000" pilot project is planned to the end of this year, in 10-20 cities to promote more than 300,000 municipal LED lighting. In addition, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, this year's Expo, the Asian Games and Universiade next year, bringing the total to the LED industry hundreds of billions of business opportunities.
Philips CEO Bi Bo Ling Chinese companies have said, "China LED lighting market, this one only civilian on the value of 40 billion yuan." Vice president of the Shenzhen Federation of LED industry Sui Sai Wing said, "This year, gross domestic LED industry will exceed 100 billion and, as the domestic LED industry leader in Shenzhen, the output value reached 24.5 billion yuan last year, accounting for 1 / 3. "
Shenzhen LED industry begun to take shape
Shenzhen is the champion in the LED industries. It is understood that the industrial scale of Shenzhen in 2007 about 15 billion yuan, more than 12 million employees. At present, Shenzhen has become the LED lamps, LED backlight major global production and supply base. Sui Sai Wing said, "Shenzhen has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, and there have been some industrial scale." In addition, in April 2005 approved by Ministry of Science and formally set up in Shenzhen Guangming New District, "National Semiconductor Lighting Project Industrialization Base" for Shenzhen LED industry with a new gathering space.
Despite the rapid development of Shenzhen LED industry, but also gradually highlight shortcomings. "Planning" so that the upper reaches of LED chip enterprises in the industry share of only 1%. Another data, LED epitaxial wafers and chips account for about 70% of industry profits, that many LED enterprises in Shenzhen are still relying on low cost, make very little profit live.
LED Research Center, Shenzhen, senior engineer, said marketing director Xie Suyun, "said White, and Shenzhen also in the industrial chain of low-end application of this one. Although focused on the nearly thousand LED-related businesses, but many have only a very small-scale manufacturers, the lack of core technology and competitiveness. "
In fact, Shenzhen is also actively promoting the development of LED upstream industry has emerged Century Epitech, side companies and large chips, but none of this stage of the product mass production or in quality accepted. LED lighting manufacturer in Shenzhen Yihai Pengxin Yu, president of Technology admits, "We are using mostly imported chips, made of cheap but quality is still great differences on."
Company no patents, no industry standard
From the worldwide pattern of LED industry, the U.S. and Japanese companies in the technology, equipment and other aspects of monopoly, and European companies distinct advantages in the application of technology. That these foreign companies control a large number of upstream and downstream key patents, once they launch a "patent offensive" build "patent encirclement" of domestic LED enterprises will face severe challenges.
Xiesu Yun pointed out that "many manufacturers of domestic products more or less there are infringement issues, although many foreign giants not to charge, as long as LED market is slowly spreading, these problems will be very prominent."
"Fattened to slaughter pigs to wait." He cited an example to illustrate, now then abroad LED giants like Microsoft, the Windows system to promote the time, whether pirated or genuine first have to encourage everyone to use, wait until the market for its After the creation of dependency, began to toll, "last year, enterprises in Shenzhen have been charged because of violations, the amount of claims up 200 million yuan."
Peng Xinyu think, "LED industry, the greatest problem is the lack of standards, no norms. The standard is the specific technical requirements of various products, although the Government attaches importance to this industry, but is no standard has been introduced, so we are in vicious competition, leading to poor purge the good, healthy development of the industry are extremely important. "Another industry sources, more than 2,000 enterprises in the Pearl River Delta can do product stability, less than half-order.
The Xiesu Yun pointed out that "In fact, national ministries, local governments are the relevant standards in the development of LED, not only have the Ministry of Industry, and even Shanghai, Guangdong, Shanxi, Shenzhen and other places also have their own standards. But apart from the Ministry of Industry outside the standard of local governments, often may be mixed with local business interests, which would lead to monopoly enterprises to use standard local market, they became obstacles for the industry. "
In addition Xie Suyun that "the current LED technology is still in the growth stage, and constantly developing, but some sectors are lagging behind the development of standards, does not meet the times, while others are set too high can not be realized. These are not the whole industry to regulate. "

short board
LED lighting when the price is too high to spread?
Although there are energy-saving advantages of LED lighting, LED lighting products on the market but few, according to some insiders, the current LED lighting products primarily used in automotive lighting, display technology, and municipal engineering. The LED application populace is undoubtedly the greatest resistance to the price.
Xie Suyun table that, "LED lights than traditional lighting products to you several times and even a few times. While the cost can come through energy recovery, but now users do not change over the idea."
But industrialists have to optimistic, Peng Xinyu said, "any products into the market will take time, LED products currently on the market awareness of the relatively few years ago has been a lot better. And a number of LED lighting products, domestic and foreign brands energy-saving lamps in the price is almost, so competitive advantage is very great. "
Studies have predicted that as technology advances, LED mass production, prices, civil LED lighting products in 2015 will be fully under way, the market share will reach 20%. About the Author:

I am China Crafts Suppliers writer, reports some information about industrial pressure cooker , enzyme laundry detergent.

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