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Cancer, What It Really Is, Its Causes, Social Impacts, and Effective Cures

by Lisa M Martin

posted in Cancer

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Cancer comes in various forms. They are an abnormal growth of a group of cells within the body that grow and spread to different parts. Cancer is commonly known as malignant carcinoma. It is a disease that normally manages to mask itself within the human body, causing symptoms that are attributed to other diseases before cancer is determined as the cause. Often, a patient diagnosed with cancer feels that his/her life has ended. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, where great advancements in medical science have helped to control or eradicate this disease. This has led to a healthy and more prosperous life for survivors.
Cancer is nothing but an abnormal change within the body itself. One day, a group of cells decide that they are going to reproduce at a rate higher than that of normal cells. After repeated reproductions, an abnormal growth begins to appear. The defense mechanism of the body perceives this as a threat, instructing anti-bodies to start attacking cells within the body. But this is not effective enough, because the body can't act against itself for very long and this cancer needs to be controlled from the outside through different means.
Cancer is a disease that most of us are afraid of. It has been around for a long time and most of us are afraid of it. Why? Well, because most of us think there is no cure. There is a cure for most types of carcinoma. Patients who are told they are suffering from cancer feel like their world has crashed and that they've been awarded a death sentence. Indeed, it is news that is shocking and heartbreaking and so much more all at the same time, but it still doesn't mean the end of your life. Cancer has many forms and manifests itself in different ways within the human body. Some are benign or harmless forms, which do not harm the human body, and may go unnoticed for months or even years, only to be found when a person is operated on or checked up thoroughly. Other, dangerous forms are termed as malignant, which cause harm and if not effectively treated, could mean death for the patient.
There are various causes for cancer within the human body. 75% of cancer is attributed to one's diet, personal hygiene habits, daily activities, etc., and about 25% are genetic. This basically means that the risk of having cancer runs within one's family. However, the risk of cancer can be greatly minimized by leading a healthy lifestyle and staying away from certain foods and items. The agents that cause cancer are called carcinogens. Carcinogens enter the human body through our oesophagus (gullet) when we eat, or our trachea while breathing. Common carcinogens include fatty foods high in cholesterol, cigarette smoke, and chemicals like phenylalanine, the chemical used to artificially sweeten diet sodas.
Medical science has come a long way in developing effective ways to tackle and beat this disease. Some cures are radiotherapy, also referred to as radiology, in which patients suffering from cancer are subjected to controlled amounts of radiation, which helps break down and destroy cancerous cells. Chemotherapy is a treatment in which patients are injected with doses of strong chemicals, which act to destroy cancer cells present within the body. Local cures in which a combination of both of the above is used, followed by surgery in which the cancerous growth is cut out after being separated from normal cells within the body.
Cancer is something that strikes fear within anyone suffering it. It leads to anger, depression, and a host of other feelings within the sufferer. But it's not the end of the world. Studies show that effectively identifying cancer in its early stages can help reduce the risk to life, and prevent it from growing back within the body. It would be wise for people to get thorough medical check-up by a reputable physician once every 4 months. This would not only let one know how medically fit one is, but also enable the physician help the person in the most effective way if cancer is diagnosed.
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