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Carcinogenesis - And The Study Of Oncology

by Kimberly T. Michelle

posted in Cancer

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Cancer is a disease everyone has heard of because it belongs to few of those dark truths that continue to haunt man. Oncology is the diagnostic study and specialization in its treatment.
Have you ever heard of the "silent killer?" This term is mostly used to expose the life threatening disease; cancer, it is often called as a curse. Cancer is basically not a single disease, but it is comprised of a group of different diseases, therefore it is a big issue in the field of medicine.
There was a report published by the Cancer Association of America in 2003, according to this report every 1 in 2 men have a chance to suffer from cancer. In the modern world, due to improved qualities of life, birth rate has increased, causing an increase in population. Because the population is controlled by equal death rates due to this life threatening disease; therefore, there is a need for scientific research in this area.
There is a need to understand the factors that are making it possible for cancer to prevail in the general population. With ongoing research into its causes and cures and improved qualities of therapy, the field of oncology is rapidly growing.
Usually, the field of oncology deals with molecular biology, biotechnology and therapies which may be cytotoxic and anti-hormonal. Due to the latest advancement in this field, cancer is targeted by site specific drugs. These site specific markers may only be used after the understanding of cancer and its genetic basis.
Oncology is in fact, that division of science that deals with cancer. It deals with the analysis, therapies and other issues, like moral issues associated with screening. To understand the genetic basis, screening is done, and depending upon the kind of tumor, a therapy is advised.
Some cancers require chemotherapy at the first stage of their treatment while in other cases it is followed by physical examination and other tests. Surgical operations are also performed, in those cases, where the probability of complete removal of the tumor is quite high, but, if there is a chance of incomplete removal, surgery is usually not performed.
It may happen that chances of survival increases even after the incomplete removal of tumor, this is known as debulking. In some cancers, like breast cancer and prostate cancer, hormonal treatment is applied; chemotherapy and radiotherapy apply to almost all types of cancer. Vaccination and immunotherapy in this field has failed to be a success but research must be done to stop this disease as "prevention is better than cure". As it is a group of disease,therefore to control this disease, a multidisciplinary approach is needed in the field of research.
About the Author:
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