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Can I Keep My New Car from Rusting?

by Karen Campese

posted in Automotive : Cars

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Car rust is caused when the metal is exposed to moisture over time. Keeping your new car waxed will help protect it from rusting since the wax forms a barrier between the metal and the moisture.

It is also important to keep moisture off your car. So, after you wash it, make sure the car and the undercarriage are completely dry before you put it in a garage. The undercarriage will dry simply by leaving the car outside for awhile.

You should also put mud flaps on your car to keep mud and other debris from collecting in the wheel wells. They will also protect your car from the dings caused by stones kicking up. Those dings will expose the metal to the elements and create an excellent place for rust to begin. If you do have any dings or small scratches on your car, you should address them before any rust begins. Some polishing compound and a little touch up paint will usually take care of them.

If you live in an area where it snows, you know how fast road salt will eat through the wax, paint and metal on your new car and accelerate the formation of rust. That is why it is very important to give your car a good coat of wax before the snow comes. During the winter, you only need to wash your car when the air temperature is above. Road salt is only active at temperatures above freezing, so you do not need to wash your car when it is very cold out. Besides, if you do wash your car when it is very cold outside, your door locks and power windows are likely to freeze. Of course, if you park your car in a garage, you will want to gauge when to wash your car by the temperature in the garage. When you do finally wash your car, you should pay special attention to cleaning the wheel hubs, wheel wells and undercarriage as these are the places where the road salt tends to stick.

You should also consider putting rubber mats on the floor of your new car during the winter months. These rubber mats will keep the salty water from melting snow from seeping into the carpets and rusting your floor boards.

Keeping your new car from rusting will take a little time. That time spend will be worth it by helping to maintain the appearance and value of your investment.

About the Author:

Karen Campese has over 13 years of experience handling charity car donations. She is the Co-founder and CEO of Cars4Charities, , a not for profit car donation center that represents over 1,000 respected charities across the United States. Call 866.448.3487 or go to

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