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A Guide to Cat Potty Training

by linkroll

posted in Pets : Cats

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Pet owners love and adore their pets, but sometimes, there are several habits of pets that can annoy the owner such as scratching, biting, peeing indoors and so on. Cats are naughty creatures, and their littering can be very troublesome.

Few Basic Rules Of Cat Potty Training

When trying the cat potty training, it is important not to punish or reprimand the cat for the unwanted behavior. Hitting or any kind of punishment can make the cat fearful, or the cat might continue with the unwanted behavior when you are not around. It is equally important to reinforce and the positive and desired behavior.

Cat training must start correctly, and as early as possible. As a kitten, whenever you feel that she is sniffing any corner, or is about to crouch, pick her up and put her in the litter box, as these are the classic signs of oncoming defecation or urination. For cat potty training, put the kitten in the litter box first thing in the morning, and clean the box at least once a week, as this will encourage the cat to use to litter box. Usually, the cat stops using the litter box when it is not clean. Ensure that it is cleaned frequently, and you must completely change all the litter.

Unless the cat potty training is complete, don’t let her run freely in the house, and keep her confined in the small area. If she had an accident, put her food bowl next to that place after cleaning, as cats never dirty the place where they eat. If during cat potty training, she makes a mistake, do not punish, or scold showing her the litter box, as she will associate the litter box with punishment.

If you cat is not willing to use the litter box directly, you can try the alternative option of cage training. For cat potty training using this method, you need to confine the cat in the crate. The cage should be big enough so that water bowl, food and the litter box can be easily accommodated. Cats are quite meticulous, and will not share the space to eat and excrete.

When doing cat potty training, always be patient, and remain positive. If you maintain a consistent pattern, your efforts will not go wasted, and you will not have to worry about dirty couches and strained carpets any more.

If you are not sure about the training, there are many books and Internet sites that can tell you how to potty train a cat. You just need to start as soon as you can, and follow the tips. Gradually, you and your pet will know what works best.

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