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Google Keyword Research SEO Tool: How To Appear On The First Page Of A Search Engine

by Kim Tarr

posted in Legal : Copyright

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What is a keyword? A word or words that is entered in a search engine and when the user presses enter, a result of similiar information appears. When folks type a keyword in a search engine, they are simply looking for some answers or maybe even doing some research on a niche.

Let's face it, when people do a search on a search engine, most of us only see the first or second page, so our goal is for our content to appear on that first page. This is probable, but you must have the right tools to help with your research.

When I first started creating articles, I would create an article and submit it to article directories and I thought, OK, here comes the traffic! Boy was I wrong! After weeks of the article being submitted, I would see how many views I had received and it wasn't many. I had heard of keyword research, but didn't really know what it was.

Life is a learning process, so I took a step out of my comfort zone and decided get educated on exactly what keyword research was. Not only did I want to gain some skills, but, I wanted to master it! You know what? I did! I can create content and have it exist on Google within one day.

I recall brainstorming about keywords I wanted to go after, but using tools, helped me to verify if it was a high-quality keyword or not. Most of the keywords that we think are decent may not turn out be, simply because the keyword may not be searched enough or the keyword could be too competitive. There is no point in wasting time creating content for it to never be seen. So, we must find what is called profitable keywords.

One free tool that folks use to help in doing keyword research is the Google Keyword Tool. This is a good tool to allow you to find other relevant keywords pertaining to the keyword that want to use, if the keyword you initially chose is too competitive. While the information that this tool provides is nice, folks need more information to help them decide if the keyword chosen is one that will get the content on the top spot of Google.

Most individuals need to get ranked on Google ASAP so they can begin getting traffic to their websites as soon as they can; otherwise, the chances of surviving in business and making an income online is slim.

About the Author:

If you would like to see a video on how Kim performs her Google Keyword Search to get ranked on the search engines fast, click here: Keyword Research SEO Tool.

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