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Factors That Contribute to Eczema Atopic Dermatitis

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Dermatitis

Eczema atopic dermatitis is a skin condition that affects the state of a person's skin. Not all areas of the skin are affected by this and the ones usually affected are skin folds and facial skin. There is a limited factor that brings eczema atopic dermatitis to a person's life and this factor is a person's genetic make up. Genes are what brings the gift of eczema atopic dermatitis to a person and this condition is difficult to avoid when you think about it.

While eczema atopic dermatitis is attributed to allergic reactions that our body has to irritants and allergens, genes play a huge role in keeping the condition within the family. This is actually not a contagious condition but individuals are prone to it if their family tree shows members with atopic dermatitis. Manifestations of this skin condition include skin that is red and itchy, flaky or cracking skin, blisters on skin folds or appearance of what looks like dandruff and shiny scaly skin. The appearance of pustules is also another sign of eczema atopic dermatitis flare ups. If left untreated these pustules can bursts leaving a crusty look on the skin as well as make a person prone to infections. Atopic dermatitis symptoms are quite easy to spot.

Environmental Factors

There are factors that trigger eczema atopic dermatitis flare ups. These factors are almost everywhere and they can trigger flare ups. The environment has unlimited numbers of allergens and irritants floating around ready to cause havoc in a person prone to eczema atopic dermatitis. Smoke, dust pollen and strong odors are just a few f the environmental factors that contribute to bouts of atopic dermatitis. Animal dander is also another culprit to this skin condition. The animal does not have to be present for the person to have allergic reactions; instead the presence of pet dander can trigger it.

Food Intake

Food is another contributor to eczema atopic dermatitis flare ups. Many dairy products as well as plant products are part of what triggers allergic reactions in people. Specific foods may be easier to avoid than foods with ingredients that can trigger an eczema atopic dermatitis reaction. Some food items do not list down any potentially allergenic foods or ingredients that can trigger reactions. It is best to ask people who might have an idea regarding the contents or avoid it while you have no idea what is in it yet.

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