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Angular Cheilitis - Natural Cures for Dry Skin

by Hunter Elliott

posted in Health and Fitness : Diseases

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Angular cheilitis is a very common skin infection. It is found mainly around the lips and corners of the mouth. It is what causes that red, dry and cracked skin. And for most sufferers it is something that can be very difficult to get rid of. It can make every day tasks such as eating and talking seem almost impossible. But thankfully there are many easy things you can start doing that will help. All you are going to have to do is continue reading.

Now there are many ways you can start treating this dry skin condition yourself. There is no need to go out and get some expensive prescription cream. The very first thing you can do is begin eating better. Watching what you eat is very important. You are going to want to eat more foods that are high in vitamins. Now you need to eat more dairy products, whole grains, meats and green vegetables. By consuming more foods like these it will help prevent against angular cheilitis. And you will not have to worry about that dry skin coming back.

You are also going to want to try your best to avoid using moisturizers. Just because you are suffering from dry skin does not mean you should start applying creams. Most of the time applying heavy creams on affected skin can only end up leading to further skin problems. In the instance of angular cheilitis applying moisturizers around the mouth will only cause the skin to turn red and get create even more irritation. So what you can apply instead is either honey or cucumber juice. Both of them contain certain ingredients that are vital to the natural health of the skin. And by placing a small amount directly around the problem skin will greatly help in the curing of that problem skin.

One other thing you will want to keep in mind is dentures, retainers and braces. Sometimes these can lead to problems around the mouth. For instance poor fitting dentures can cause excessive irritation around the corners of the mouth. And with constant irritation it can lead to dry cracked skin fast. So it is a good idea that you consider this if you are experiencing that dry skin. All it takes is a little adjustment and it will help cure any skin problems around the mouth fast.

Angular cheilitis does not have to be something you should continue suffering from. There are many easy things you can begin doing that will help prevent it fast. And those tips are just the thing that will help you get those results.

About the Author:

For more helpful tips on how to deal with Angular Cheilitis, including a natural way to rid yourself of the pain and tenderness within hours, visit this Helpful Site!


You don't have to spend another day worrying about how the redness at the corners of your mouth looks. You can cure the problem using all natural and completely safe methods at home.

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