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Search and Rescue Dog Training Techniques

by linkroll

posted in Pets : Dogs

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Search and rescue dog training can be incredibly important. Even for owners who don’t plan on getting their dog into this field as a career should still at least consider helping their dog to learn these skills. Whatever the case may be, there are important search and rescue dog training techniques that need to be included. The first step is to work on your dog’s personality and make sure they have all the basic characteristics that make a good search and rescue dog.

A search and rescue dog must pertain a few important personality traits including calmness, strength and adaptability. Large breed dogs are always best for search and rescue, because of course a Chihuahua is not going to be exactly helpful when you’re trying to find someone and have them rescued. There are a few different search and rescue skills that a dog can learn. Or you could choose to have them work on all areas of search and rescue.

There are air scent dogs that are able to track people by sniffing the air, trailing dogs that track people on land, water search dogs that work along the shore and in the water, and also the cadaver dogs which find the remains of human bodies. The avalanche dogs are particularly common because the incidence of people being buried in an avalanche is so common. One of the best search and rescue dog training techniques is to hold the dog on a leash and have someone else walk ahead of the dog by a few feet holding a treat or toy. The best search and rescue dog training technique to get a dog started with these skills is to hold them a few feet away from another person who is holding a toy or treat.

The dog should be completely calm as you’re holding them, until you tell them to “find” or “get it” and let them go. Instead they should be calm and waiting for you to release them. Once you do and give them a command such as “find”, they should run towards the object at a fast speed, grab it and return it to you. This technique can certainly take a bit of time to work on but with practice the dog will learn to understand.

Any owner who wants to teach their dog search and rescue dog training but save themselves some hassle can always hire on a professional trainer. This is someone who has experience training dogs and who will get you the results you want for a price. These are just a few of the most basic search and rescue dog training techniques. If you’re having troubles working with your dog on this you can always hire a professional trainer to help out.

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