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Dealing with Pregnancy Eczema: Tips to Help You Get By

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Eczema

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Most people have heard of the eczema skin condition before, but fortunately it is not that common. Pregnancy eczema is the most common form of this frustrating skin condition in fact, as women’s bodies are going through so much change at this point in their life. Their hormones are completely out of whack and as a result they may notice a few changes including thicker darker hair on their body and drier skin, often resulting in eczema or psoriasis. Their bodies are going through some serious changes at this time in their life and it often results in a health condition or affliction.

Eczema is a skin condition with the major symptom being dry, red, cracked skin. It’s definitely not a pretty sight, especially if you have been scratching the area a lot because this will irritate the skin even more and bring more attention to it. The affected area will be incredibly itchy, similar to the feeling of mosquito bites only instead of little bumps it shows up as layers of dry skin. Dealing with pregnancy eczema can be a bit trickier than with regular cases of eczema because when a woman is pregnant you need to be cautious in terms of treatment methods used.

You need to make sure that nothing is going to harm the mother or unborn child, even if it’s for the treatment of a condition that is quite bothersome such as eczema. When dealing with pregnancy eczema, doctors are not so much worried over how it started, but instead how they can offer relief to the woman without causing any harm to her or the baby. Avoiding trigger factors is the first step that doctors will work on with their patients. Because it’s a chronic condition, this means that it will most likely affect the person for the rest of their life.

Trigger factors are what set off your skin condition for instance hot showers or drinking too much alcohol may result in a worsening of your eczema. Doctors are able to use a few tests to help the woman figure out what it is that sets her condition off and therefore what she should avoid in the future. This could include anything from certain perfumes and bath oils to a lack of sleep and poor diet. Nutrition is vital here and if a person is not eating right they are going to have a much more difficult time with their eczema.

This can result in it acting out in a variety of health conditions including eczema. The look of the eczema is what bothers a lot of people most but there isn’t much you can do about that. Eczema is certainly never a fun condition to deal with but one that many people do. Eczema can be a challenge to live with especially when you’re pregnant but you can find relief of your symptoms and feel better.

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