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Eczema Treatments

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Eczema

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Eczema is a common name for eczematous dermatitis. As the name clearly indicates, it is a disorder of the derma (skin). Round coin-sized patches are formed on the skin. These can be a result of medical allergies, however the real cause of this disorder is not yet found. Eczema is generally associated with dry skin and is a common sight in the winter season. Using harsh soaps, strong detergents or taking bath quiet frequently i.e. more than once a day can worsen the occurrence of eczema. Even the use of the mildest soap can escalate the condition. Eczema treatments cannot provide an instant cure to the person suffering from it. Instead, eczema treatments are designed to provide prolonged relief to such patients.

Intense Climatic conditions can elevate the eczema. Medicine allergies can also increase the intensity of the condition but are not the cause for the disorder. The doctors prescribe different treatments depending on the level of the disease. Applying the prescribed high- powered ointments is the simplest of them. Many more treatments are prescribed under medical supervision for a faster and effective healing of the eczema.

Wrap therapy is a soothing therapy for reducing the hurting skin eruptions, which are a result of eczema. As the name implies wet bandages soaked in warm water or the specific moisturizers. The patient is first made to take a bath with the emollient oil and then the affected areas are covered with these bandages or wraps. These wraps can be used on any affected parts of the patient's body including the face. These wet bandages are covered with dry bandages to retain the moisture of the wet wraps. Moisturizing the skin daily will add the right results of this treatment, which can be done once a week. However, other medicines should be continued along with this treatment. Though this therapy is time consuming it is effective for restoring the skins texture, severe itching and swelling and redness of the skin.

Medicines and chemicals are not the only treatment for eczema. Eczema can be cured naturally thus making the skin smooth and healthy. The best natural moisturizer for eczema patient is the emollient. Emollient moisturizer is oilier than the regular moisturizers and the cream's that are available in the market. It is also available in the form of oil. This oil can be simply added to the bath water or even can be applied on the body before taking a shower. Storing this oil in refrigerator in the summer season will give a cold and soothing effect to the skin.

Two types of phototherapy treatments are available for the people suffering from eczema. These treatments include psoralen plus UVA exposure and UV light therapy. The affected areas of the skin are ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays or combinations of both these rays are used as an effective alternative. This treatment should be done under the guidance of a proper doctor as utmost care is needed while using these lights. This treatment can be taken three to five times in a week.

Various treatments are available as an effective cure against eczema that can bring the disorder under control. Along with the treatments, few changes in the life style of a person are also needed to help the disorder in control.

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