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Harbin: 6 Years Running Most Of Solar Water Heater Manufacturers

by qoqo

posted in Business : Ethics

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Consumers Li Laotai three years ago bought a Xiqianxinju

Solar water heaters This year, suddenly began leaking, look for manufacturers to give service, but found that they already empty, Li Laotai helpless get someone repair the community's maintenance company, has been deceived to spend hundreds of dollars of time and money. Li Laotai regret not cope: the election had no big plans cheapest brand.

Cheap "solar" is not reliable

Water heater market as a rising star, has always been more popular in the South into the Northeast in recent years, solar water heater market. Its energy-saving environmental protection, no usage charges, the advantages of hot water at any time to attract a group of consumers willing to try new things. However, solar water heater quite a mixed bag, according to provincial

Home Appliances Association statistics: In 2002, large and small around the peak of Harbin, 93 solar water heater manufacturers, including hanging, "Tsinghua University" were near the head 20, in the wake of various heating pipes burst into ice downpipe, downpipe spring ice fall injury incidents, -name manufacturers have run away, only 40 or so. A formal service system, only 56, most of the temporary hire Hire out after-sales service.

To industry sources, solar energy water heater from the five major components: water tank, vacuum frame, instrument control, connection pipe. Few manufacturers can fully produce their own parts, even small manufacturers are assembling for a living. Moreover, the assembly than the assembly of a solar water heater

TV Much easier, therefore, children with lower trade barriers, resulting in a number of market-name. One of these features-name products to attract consumers low prices. Price lower than the average market price of more than half of the market even 1,800 yuan can buy a solar water heater. Second, long warranty deceive consumers. Machine currently on the market for free warranty period is generally 1 to 5 years, and is the manufacturer according to their product quality, enterprise strength and overall strength of established dealers, and some low-quality products to meet consumer play, "or even 15 years warranty free for life ", this over-commitment is not credible. Because the real to the warranty, manufacturers require a considerable investment, as solar water heaters need to face the winter cold and summer heat test, manufacturers need professional inspection every year to maintain, the price of solar water heaters that contain this part of the service fee. Simply a low price to attract consumers of the manufacturers is very difficult to fulfill this commitment.

Industry to remind consumers: buying home solar water heater be sure to select well-known brands and good after-sales service dealers. Because domestic solar water heaters are durable consumer goods, and usually installed in the roof, once a fault, the user is difficult to themselves, so after-sales service must be protected.

Solar energy is not a panacea

Lives of the very fact that Pine North villas around the neighborhood looking to buy solar energy water heater, it also followed a buy. The original manufacturers only advertise its merits, who commitment to solar water heaters use up a lot of unpredictable factors, I feel a lot of trouble. Ms. Zhang home water heater On the 3rd floor, but water has a small, two months has not used it a bath, to find manufacturers, is said to be water pressure is small, is subject to pay matched with a pressure pump; in April just when safety the water is warm, not warming up; water be released when the two main basin of water to the hot water, manufacturers said the villa as a long water pipe upstairs to downstairs many points, if the building of solar water heater according to the requirements of the design pipeline will much better; only a temperature controller Ann in the 3rd floor, Sheung Shui have to run back and forth upstairs, asked four manufacturers that have a temperature control device, but the machine may be more than 20,000 yuan.

Investigation by the reporter, solar water heater manufacturers recognized by the weather, pressure constraints, using the results are sometimes discounted. Because it is entirely absorb the sun's energy, even in summer, rainy days to catch up with the water temperature is not satisfactory, as the northern winter sunshine time is short, many manufacturers have developed electric auxiliary heating on solar water heaters; some residential water pressure, only with pressure pump solution. Before consumers fully understand the best advantages and disadvantages of solar water heaters make a decision. Solar water heater is to promote the national energy saving projects, experts point out that although the use of some undesirable places, but leisure time does not cover jade, "building integrated solar energy" will be the future direction of development.

About the Author:

I am Frbiz Site writer, reports some information about canon powershot sd550 , canon powershot a300.

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