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Home Store Sales, "pseudomonas Embarrassment" Who Fool Whom?

by wuwu

posted in Business : Ethics

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A three-day sales cycle and create more than 10 times normal Sell Performance really so attractive, "hot orgasm" it? An informed source revealed that all stores and businesses together none other promotions, sales are astronomical data is not inevitable is the circulation of some of the "Pseudomonas" Note the water. Some tenants to Home Marketplace playing "hide and seek" with a "a false one," posing as the real sign the bill, will deposit the full amount paid to the Marketplace section of a knot, which is far higher than the fraud charged by stores Management Fee rebate. Stores with rental income to subsidize the consumer, the money has quietly into the pockets of the operators, allowing one after another embarrassing situation promotions: No promotion, is a blind alley; promotion, but also difficult to distinguish true and false.

Rebate temptation to give birth to "leave alone" the proliferation of

Stores and commercial co-promotion, intended to drive sales in the ones who enjoy each other, resulting in no increase sales, stores has become taken for a ride.

Not no sales promotion, a promotional sales to grow exponentially. At home Building Materials Market that rely on promotions to drive sales of the case, the major home stores are trying to make itself the most favorable development of promotional programs themselves, and even the off-season of 67 has always been the month, the capital many stores still play a very attractive discount . In round after round of hot promotional campaign, the home store news of success, "seven or eight million Japanese sales, selling better than the holidays," "a three-day promotional period, Furniture , Ceramic Museum sold more than 5000 million, more than a general holiday to dig out 10 times! "This kind of news everywhere.

Various household brand promotions are always very few and all of a sudden came up with a 7 fold, 5 fold, children will definitely lose money, backed by a good shade tree. The rich and powerful are often combined business a store discount, none other parts of the two sides shared.

"Good store, good location, 5 off sale general business pays 30%, 20% subsidy stores; 7, when the brand pays off 20% of sales, store 10% subsidy; sometimes 8.5 discount sales, the brand itself bear 10%, 5% store subsidies. "a ceramics dealer told reporters of the operators and the joint promotion of the interests of the store distribution. Because stores have the rebate amount of money and subsidies, give some businesses to create "fake one" provided the opportunity, which will promote data "injection."

"Every time promotion, the equivalent to the rules of business that do not give money to, and we seriously doing business these people will suffer." Zhang Liang, general manager of the East Willy door complained to reporters. Reportedly, some merchants on the store organization through the promotion of very specialized drilling loopholes which, save the store as a bank, a knot on to the following paragraph, we get very substantial "interest." Sold by 7 fold, brand themselves 20%, 10% subsidy store a list of the original price of 10,000 yuan, 7,000 yuan brands buy their own dig one billing cycle after the store will not only paid back to 7,000 yuan brands, while brands will return to 1,000 yuan a rebate subsidy. Some businesses sell several hundred a single promotional period is not a problem, if there are 100 of them leave alone, the rebate will be able to benefit from stores 100 thousand yuan, net Easyhome Charge of a class of store management fee of 1%, also can earn back one month of hire. It is no wonder, each volume will be signing promotional surprisingly soaring, of which, in the end how much is really none other to the consumer, how many businesses in the "fool" store high rebate fraud?

Brand stores to strengthen regulatory capacity to avoid "false one"

Large number of false single store selling not only lost a huge promotional costs, misled by the failure of the truth of store sales, also makes business-to-lose confidence in store promotions and can not earn this by virtue of sales from consumers make the to a reasonable profit, over time, stores and businesses will work together to lose competitiveness in the market. Therefore, a management in place, the normal operation of the stores try to avoid false single sales.

Yin Bo, general manager of the Blue House, said Jing Li, Lan Jing Li family during the holidays every year, organizing large-scale promotional activities. According to the brand position and brand awareness of different businesses, store promotions rebate given is not the same. In general, if the store requires a location Shang Hao, a stable price system 7.5 discount brand promotions, store usually take a promotional discount of 12%, 13% own brand. Pay the full amount on each purchase of consumer discounts, Blue King Lai House staff will carefully check the consumer information, protect the list's authenticity. "If the promotional activities, the store brand sales of more than prescribed limit, Blue King Lai family will stop to continue to promote the brand, the promotional subsidies to stores in order to protect the real benefits to consumers sent, to avoid false single brand losses to the stores. "He said fraud cases alone, in the rare blue-Jing Li family, but in some stores, this situation will continue to exist.

About the Author:

I am an expert from Frbiz Site, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as injectable filler , vials wholesale.

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