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Processors, Was In Full Swing

by wuwu

posted in Business : Ethics

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Information processor is the "brain." In the past year, the rapid progress of processor technology, market competition against each other, like a "fencing" competition, particularly exciting.

If the dispute is a fencing master microprocessor duel, then the ability of technological innovation is the key to life and death decisions players.

Processor Intel has become the synonym for innovative trend leading the global semiconductor industry, around the birth of Moore's Law pace of innovation is the innovative processor "clock." Intel in recent years, gradually lost the sense of urgency and innovative elan. Challenges facing AMD, Intel seems to recover in 2007, the feeling of technological innovation, not only in the quad-core processors to gain an advantage, Core 2 Duo birth, coupled with strong marketing for the product technology, but also does the industry see then Intel's shadow.

2007 , AMD in the quad-core products Intel has been robbed of the "vanguard", the industry worries continued innovation AMD's main arguments. But AMD did not disappoint, in September 2007 in China released the world's first AMD quad-core product?? Quad-Core Opteron processor, "Barcelona," and then launched the industry's leading desktop quad-core Phenom processors by broad attention and recognition, and once again lead a new era of quad-core computing. In addition, with the acquisition of ATI, AMD new layout in the technology innovation strategy become more mature, 2007, microprocessors, graphics processors and chipsets, and so have a breakthrough, HD2000 graphics chip, 690 chip set, 65 Nano successful launch of a new generation of processors, AMD completed a new solution for comprehensive integration platform layout for the future development of AMD has laid a solid foundation.

With industry experts point out that in the past 32-bit processor market, AMD may never be beyond Intel, but in true 64-bit dual-core processor system and the new areas, AMD and Intel do not occur in the future location of exchange is not possible.

Along, Intel relies on large-scale marketing in the global IT market has established a strong brand image. Throughout 2007, Intel relies on sales volume and capital advantages in branding still remain strong, both the Spring 2007 Intel Developer Forum, or the Core 2 Duo signing Yu Quan, F1 BMW co-sponsoring the film "Yangtze River VII" market activities such as heavy, huge market advertising creative input and excellent capacity, for the Intel Core 2 Duo and quad-core products have won a lot of eyeballs.

However, Intel's strong promotion behind, vaguely in the follow AMD's lead. F1 arena in 2007, for 6 years as a Ferrari F1 technology partner of AMD, the team of the year again to help the team and drivers championship; in signing on celebrity endorsements, AMD signed the film director, actor and "The first blog "Xu Jinglei celebrity endorsement created a precedent for the semiconductor industry in 2007" with a books Chuang Africa "," I'm crazy dual-core "activities such as large-scale user experience is set off in the market one after another climax; in film and television entertainment Based on AMD platform, produced "Shrek" series, "Madagascar," "Star Wars", "acquired" and so on, already impressed by consumers ... ...

With a fierce offensive against Intel in the first quarter of 2007 to seize a portion from the AMD market share to AMD felt "awakened a sleeping lion," the reality of stress; the same time, Intel still holds a majority share of the firm and in the notebook market has the absolute advantage.

The second quarter of 2007, winding paths, AMD began to where Hukouduosi from Intel. To the third quarter of 2007, including Lenovo, Founder, the same side, Acer, Asus and other major domestic PC makers have adopted the front line of AMD microprocessors.

Around the Intel and AMD 2007, several rounds of dealing, either from the actual market performance, or in the future development potential of view, Intel's fierce offensive, did not shake the foundation of AMD, but rather promoted AMD to a more rational and long-term strategic vision for technology, brand and market all-round layout, achieve better results in 2008 were fully prepared.

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