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Lace, Shading In The Layout Design Of The Function And Application

by dpdo

posted in Business : Ethics

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In laser typesetting, there are several hundred species of lace, and shading can be used. Appropriate use some lace and shading can make pages look beautiful, elegant, set off to play some role.

1, lace major role in the layout

1. Focused, resulting in strong. Important to the status of manuscripts can be highlighted with lines. As to the full article plus frame, or in the articles added to thin the field gap and so on, will result in the pages of other articles dealing with the differences caused by the reader's attention.

2. Distinguished role. Between the increase in paper and paper lace, to make the article more clearly separated, to avoid the wrong impression to read.

3. Results Cooperation Use. A group of manuscripts reflects the same themes, often need to lace them summed together, forming an overall impression to distinguish from other types of manuscripts. In addition, when a press release with comments, photos and captions, the use of their lines together. Article comments generally in italics, and italics, such as sand, gives a loose feeling, so common lace around the article comments box, the article "tied up" to become compact.

4. Express their feelings. Since the shape of lace vary their style and emotion are different. Formed from a variety of lace patterns appear more vivid, lively, highly decorative; Chiang line and the line it appears the thickness and simple, deep and serious. Good news, good deeds, anecdote different things such as appropriate use of lace; the critical or disclosure of the reports, the reports reflect the difficult circumstances, can cause people to report emotional grief, they should not increase with a pattern of lace. Similarly, general news photo or a landscape photo of a black frame around the plus, the screen can produce a more sophisticated feel, but if the screen is a person's portrait, with a black frame, it is easy to make people think of portrait .

5. Beautifying effect. Page on the appropriate use of line, you can change the entire layout to increase, appear vivid. Lace has some looks, can also produce decorative aesthetic effect.

6. Form layout style. Use the law to follow certain lines, but also the formation of a layout style. Such as "press and publishing journal," an article are arranged in each rectangle, and surrounded with a frame to form a another area, the layout has become much Forum makes up the whole, the layout clear, concise, crisp, fresh, beautiful .

Second, the use of shading Shading in the layout on a surface, it is not independently appear in the layout, but on and the title or text, etc. together. Shading the past do not do with the title "People's Daily", now faces a serious change, with each version are coming from shading. Shading of this special "face" in the pages of the increasingly common use for the page to add a modern color.

1, shading effect. focus. To the title of shade on the formation of a block in the pages of the distinctive "face", especially noticeable in the pages of easily lead to strong. Therefore, to focus on the title of manuscript shade, you can play a focused role.

landscaping layout. In addition to pure black shading, the vast majority of shading are patterned, in particular, does not cover all kinds of light-colored characters or color shading, a pattern in addition to their outside, their appearance can be "cut" into various all sorts of shapes, shop at any one place in the layout to balance landscaping layout. Therefore, the shading function with natural landscaping. In the pages of the appropriate use of shading, make layout more active.

express their feelings. Since there are different shading patterns and different levels, so it has a different emotional. When in the use of shading, it must be very great importance to this. Such as the contents of the article is something festive to the title when the optional pattern to shade some of the lively, light a number of (other than color), but not add a dark shading, hang a "blackboard" there.

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