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A Simple, But Powerful Start Toward Financial Freedom

by Zach Chen

posted in Finance

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Financial freedom is an end state that many people hope to achieve. Some do it by sheer hard work. Some do it by leveraging on others. Others use a variety of different ways to do so. The truth is, out of the many who aspire to achieve financial freedom, only a special few actually achieve real financial freedom doing what they do.
We live in a generation of globalization. The many influences through media and internet about the lifestyles that people adopt globally do impact how we regard money. The pictures on print media, images on advertisements and videos in movies do impact the way we perceive the norm of money habits. Saving money is definitely not one of the strong messages that appear anytime often in these media.
We live in a generation of consumerism. Shopping is becoming more convenient. We can do it at the brick and mortar shops or simply buy online with the simple clicks of our mouse. Our perception of money is porous to the influence from global trends of lifestyle. This encourages easier spending and more dilute concept of saving money.
Without conscious effort, it is easy to give in to these larger forces of influence and sideline your financial future.
What if the start to achieving financial freedom is something basic and doable for everyone? What if it is something simple enough that can be done immediately if you put your heart to it?
This simple start is saving money.
As simple and no-brainer as it may sound, saving money is not the easiest thing to do for everyone.
Setting aside money is the basic first step to gathering enough capital to move on to grow your wealth. It is really important to learn to cultivate a good and disciplined way of saving money so that there is enough pool of funds to keep for rainy days, invest or use for furthering our financial goals.
One simple way to do so is to adopt the "save first, spend the rest" mentality whereby a fixed amount is always set aside for savings first when you receive your income. Whatever is left after you save can then be used for expenditures. This ensures that you can save regularly.
An alternative way is to have an arrangement with the bank, which you credit your income into, to transfer a fixed sum of money from your account into a savings account on a monthly basis. This is a hassle free and enforced savings method.
There are many ways to get started with saving money. The important thing is to get started. Saving money alone is definitely not going to make you rich. However, saving money does give you the basic building blocks on which you can move on to larger goals like growing your wealth and reaching financial freedom.
About the Author: Thank you for reading! I am Zach Chen, a writer, infopreneur & self-help mentor. My vision is to inspire & impact the world to live a happy & fulfilling life. I live life passionately and would love to help as many people do the same too. I share tips, write e-books, produce downloadable courses to help people around the world live a happier life through realizing financial freedom, emotional freedom, action freedom and time freedom.
For more quality content, please visit my website at
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