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5 Secrets How To Improve Your Vision

by Lam Bong

posted in Health and Fitness : Fitness

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Are you sick of wearing glasses? Do you ever wish you can go outside and never have to worry about bringing your glasses so you can see? Or do you compete in a competitive sports team? If you do, then you would want to improve your vision! Here are 5 secrets how you can improve your vision.

1. Play lots of ball games

Playing lots of ball games will improve your vision significantly. This is because when playing ball games, you have to focus and concentrate on a small moving object that is constantly getting in and out of focus. This type of focusing and concentration using your eyes is one of the best ways to get your vision stronger.

2. Massage your eyes and eye lids

If you gently massage your eyes by stroking your eyes in a firm circular movement with just your index and middle finger, you can make your vision improve a lot. This is because when you massage your eyes, you increase the circulation around your eyes. Increasing the circulation will help your eye muscles to focus much better and give you better visual quality. Massaging your eyes also helps to release blockages and strains in and around your eyes.

3. Stretch your eye muscles by rolling your eyes in a circles

If you roll your eyes in large circles, you basically stretch your muscles in your eyes out. Stretching your visual muscles help to improve your visual field and reflex. It also makes the visual muscles much stronger when you stretch them. This will make focusing on moving objects effortless.

4. Drink more water

Your eye contains about ninety per cent or more water content. If your eyes are very dry, it makes your vision very weak. Hence, you should keep your eyes moist at all times. One of the best ways you can do this is by keeping your body hydrated. That is, you should drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Drinking less than that will make your body dehydrated which will starve some of your body tissue from water.

5. Drink less caffeine

Drinking lots of caffeine will make your eyes dry out. This is because caffeine makes your body dehydrated. Caffeine stays in the body for a long time, so the effect of caffeine can have long term detrimental effects on your eyes. Hence, it is best to avoid drinking caffeine so you can have better vision.

About the Author:

Lam Bong is an Author living in Sydney, Australia. He is interested in reading and creating websites. His latest website is about Diagnosis Knee Injury and finding the best Diagnosis Knee Injuries on the web today.

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