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Are Contact Lenses The Only Solution For Astigmatism?

by William Gabriel

posted in Health and Fitness : Fitness

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Over the last few decades, a number of different ways to deal with having an astigmatism have become widely accepted. Traditionally, the only option was to wear glasses, then came contact lenses, and more recently, surgery. However, many people still think that contact lenses are the only solution. While there may be additional options available, many people tend to choose contacts over glasses or surgery anyways. Before you look at the potential options that you can choose from it is important to also understand all of the symptoms associated with the problem.

The reason that understanding all of the symptoms are important is because you don't want to choose an option that seems to cure your vision problems without addressing the other symptoms as well. There are a variety of different symptoms of astigmatism, however the most commonly reported problems include: constant headaches, fatigue, eyestrain, and blurred vision. However, it should fairly apparent that just because you have these symptoms, doesn't mean that you necessarily give you a diagnosis, because a number of diseases and problems have these symptoms as well. The only way to be sure is to see your optometrists This problem is genetic and can exist from birth, however it can also happen because of increased pressure from the eyelids onto the cornea. Because of this, severe cases may not be able to be fixed with contact lenses.

Contact lenses and glasses both provide the same amount of help. However there are several variables that people often use to make their decision between the two. The first is how well they like contacts or glasses. If they already have a preference, then they will usually just stick with that. Another potential factor is cost, because glasses can last for several years, whereas contacts cannot. Finally, people think about their appearance. Some people like the way that they look in glasses, while others would prefer to not wear them. Along these same lines, comfort could be an issue to consider as well.

If contact lenses and glasses are not an appealing option, then refractive surgery could also be an alternative worth considering. During your procedure, the cornea with be reshaped, thus getting rid of your astigmatism. However, it is important to note that surgery may not be the best option for everyone. While some risks will always exist, as more time passes, refractive surgery has become more reliable. In order to find out whether or not this is even an option for your specific case, it is important to talk to your own optometrist as well as a laser professional.

As you can see, contact lenses are not the only available option to people who are suffering from an astigmatism. However, most people still choose contacts because they are more comfortable and look better than glasses. Plus, they are much safer than surgery. While surgeries are becoming safer, there is always a risk of irreparable damage. So, contact lenses may not be the only option, but to most people, they are the best available option.

About the Author:

For more tips and information about contact lenses please visit: astigmatism

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