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Strength Training For Weight Loss

by Aiden Tylor

posted in Health and Fitness : Fitness

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It is extremely important to understand one thing at the very outset. Strength training help tone the body, increase muscle mass and helps gain flexibility. Weight loss is a natural side effect of a good and well-tailored strength training regimen. And the icing on the cake comes when you add adequate resistance to your strength training program. You not only develop stronger and healthier muscles, you gain strength, lose excess body fat and strengthen body coordination and balance. What else does one need?

To start with consult an expert trainer, someone who has had ample experience of working with resistance bands with people of all age groups and resistance levels. In case you are interested in sports specific exercise as well, you need to meet up with someone with relevant skillset and experience in the field.
Coming to the subject of weight loss! It is a universally accepted fact that to lose weight there is nothing better than cardio workouts. But then strengthening muscles is equally important to sustain the weight loss process and to get a healthy body. So the best way to achieve all round success is to adopt kinetic bands exercises.
You should vary the range of exercises regularly. That is perhaps the best way to challenge your muscles to perform and eventually feel better! To illustrate this point: do exercise band flye workouts for strengthening the chest muscles. And then do a normal push up, of course with the band!

When your trainer teaches you specific body weight moves, add more resistance with the help of a good pair of kinetic bands. The idea is to expedite the process of calorie burning.
Perform squats. The ideal way to do is to stand right in the middle of the band and hold the handles in each hand. Keep your legs apart, about shoulder width. There are two ways you can do the move. One is to pull up the band and keep your hands at chest level while you do a normal squat. The second, slightly tougher method is to pull up both the arms to chest level. Cross them and keep them as it is while you do a regular squatting move.
Perform hip and butt exercises as recommended by your training consultant. These workouts are important for working on the lower part of your body. Get your hands on a loop band. These are perfect for leg workouts. Hip abductions and lifting workouts are very effective.
If you can graduate to a level where you can do upper and lower body workouts at a go, you'll be able to lose weight and tone down much faster than you could have ever imagined.
A good 20 to 30 minute cardio workout, after the rigors of resistance band workouts do a world of good to the body. The best way to enjoy the entire thing is to mix up workouts and keep challenging yourself to get to the next level. The fact that one begins to see tangible results and feels better is motivation enough to keep going on!

About the Author: Mike Nichols is a therapists with extensive knowledge about resistance bands and rehab exercises.
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